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Some TAG students got off task and decided emailing random Google Image Search results to each other was the correct thing to do.

I eventually asked them what problem they were solving with their choices.

I'm going to have to remember to ask that question more often, and not just to students.

I took an employer-mandated personality test. (They didn't call it that, but that's what it appears to be.)

I am very skeptical of the method of data collection and the results given, BUT my results tell me that I'm highly likely to be skeptical.

... well played.

LB: We call this STEAM and it isn't talked about enough.

@Elizafox STEM without philosophy is a lot of people knowing how to do something, but not having the toolset to realize whether it should be done. We're starting to see the effects of this in tech. The problem is dividing people into STEM and arts. These things should be mixed back up into one pot. A lot of early engineers were philosophers and artists.

Move off!

Go somewhere you have a sense of community!

The followers who care will follow you!

Let Gargron get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

2nd Quarter ended 2 days ago. Grades were due yesterday. An unfortunate number of students handed work into Google Classroom today.

I ... have some concerns.

Article: Lenovo used hard-coded password to encrypt Windows users’ fingerprints


Elementary dance production is tomorrow, and oh yeah that's also the last day of Q2.

On Friday, I shall celebrate with sleep.

(Once I get home, since Friday's still a school day.)

Today I had my students pick what would be on the rubric for this week's video assignment. It was messy, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

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Hey everyone, remember to CW your political posts please!

Toots not being searchable was actively requested as an anti-harassment tool.

Full-text search allows bad actors to search on words representing viewpoints they don't like (for example, "Quran" or "abortion") and attack the people using them.

I mention this to provide context, not as a defense of the idea.

Me: I need some actual human contact. I'm going out to eat.
Also Me: I will go by myself and spend the entire time making use of the restaurant's free wi-fi.

So during my all day training today I interrupted my supervisor by programming my Arduino to play the Imperial March from Star Wars at max volume and promptly not figuring out how to turn it off.

Afterwards several other teachers did the same thing, so ... I'm a trend setter?

All day training today. Gonna play with Arduinos and programming!

The childhood joy of having a snow day declared is tempered with the very adult understanding that we don't have this many snow days built into our calendar and there WILL be a reckoning.

@theartguy I suppose I'm particularly annoyed because on YouTube I feel I can support independent video creators ...

But if the only way to make it on YouTube is to have already made it on YouTube, how is it that much different than Netflix, Amazon Prime, or network TV?

When you think you're continuing a thread of thoughts but instead reply using your other Mastodon account...

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