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Restart to update Aaron πŸ’­

:tootplanet: PSA, since I can't get on @Support at the moment: is now on our instance block list under full suspension out of concerns for the owners of that instance collecting and selling fediverse data.

I get to help with auditions for a TV Production program tomorrow!

... but with windmageddon internet is down in the building where we're holding auditions, so I had to prepare an excel doc JUST IN CASE the online version isn't reachable.

This means I might not be able to use my Chromebook.

My next longest lasting laptop is my Raspberry Pi, which comes with LibreOffice.

... let's do this.

My principal is aware of the "change the suffix of a file to try to trick the teacher into thinking it's mysteriously corrupted and giving them more time to finish the project" trick.

I did not need to teach him about this.

You are allowed to be jealous.

I think I have the music I need to play when my students are doing a timed event.

Current stage of grief: Denial.

First time I've ever been told not to go to work because of wind strength alone.

Article: New Fed chair wonders why student debt can’t be discharged in bankruptcy

Article: Google launched a simple browser-based sequencer for making music, just after I finished my music unit.

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It's that wonderful point in the school year where, for the most part, the kids know my expectations and need only minimal intervention/assistance from me when working on projects.

reminder that it's cooler to teach someone when they don't know something commonplace than to shame them for not knowing

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My 2nd graders are using a step sequencer to make visual patterns that are also musical patterns.

Good times.

This is a general reminder that the best way to keep something a secret is to write it in a straightforward manner, extensively sourced in contemporary literature, accessible to everyone in a user-friendly online format

Works like a charm

Become the annotated bibliography you want to see in the world

Raspberry Pi Update:

Had to edit a config file using the terminal but it's now on the school's WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi.

Browser choice is limited to Chromium, which school Gmail says is no longer supported. Attempts to install Firefox, Iceweasel, and even Chrome have all failed, in part because the files needed are no longer there.

Managed to apt-get Arduino, though, so I'm not completely hopeless at installing additional software...

Pi update:

Assembly was interesting. Not hard, but not expected. I have ideas to modify the case to give me more access to the USB ports & ethernet port.

Included flash card had a modified (reskinned?) version of Debian on it. Does not support WPA2 Enterprise out-of-the-box and ethernet port is blocked so I cannot get online ... yet.

My Raspberry Pi is in the same state as me and will likely arrive tomorrow. This makes me very happy.

Now do I open it immediately, or wait until Wednesday so I can put together its enclosure with the help of my TAG students?

(Just kidding, I have no willpower. Best case scenario I invite my tech-savvy principal in on the fun.)