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Aaron πŸ’­ @theartguy@scholar.social

please include at least one lower-case color in your password

cmon, if you post a screenshot of text please copy and paste that text into the image description

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Living Dangerously Show more

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Toot the toots you wish to see in the fediverse.

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Federated media sharing for audio, video, and still images.


Mastodon, but for ditching YouTube, SoundCloud, & Flickr.


Reminder for the fediverse:

Content warnings can be used for spoiler content as well. Get your meme on, but don't ruin it for people who haven't had a chance to access the content yet.

please use the image description tool

i'm begging you

this is a very important and easy thing to do to make mastodon accessible and too many do not use it

I am wondering about perspectives for an iOS client to access Mastodon. Sometimes the reviews in App Store seem inaccurate. Thoughts?

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Birdsite, progress towards leaving it Show more

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