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Mx Healthy Democracy @thebestsophist

On May 6, 9, 20, and then early in the morning today (May 23), the VPS running this instance ( has gone down, with the host citing an "extreme amount of disk IO."

It's only happened 4 times since I started up, and I haven't thought through very clearly how to diagnose the problem.

Before I start going too crazy, are any other mastodon admins also having this problem?


> You're going to get a sense of what globalization looks like.

It's what enables people from privileged countries to take a summer, get a backpack, go to Delhi, go to Saigon, go to Bangkok, go to Kenya, and have their mind blown.

It's what turns the local lower class to a global upper class that gets scared when people from other countries want a part in that privilege.

When people fight globalization because it outsources American jobs to China, they're fighting to retain that privilege, where you can get globally rich by being born in the right country.

@benhamill omg. people who make sure to have childcare are amazing.

Oh hey! A four part series on the music theory of Breath of the Wild! (part 4 hasn’t been published yet)

cc @benhamill

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@benhamill like…i know enough to recognize *that* there are a bunch of different musical traditions, styles, and composers they took inspiration from, but I don’t know nearly enough to put names or context to them. but it’s sooooo rich for being so minimal.

Would love if a ludomusicologist wrote a longform analysis of the music styles in Breath of the Wild

@clhendricksbc wohoo! congratulations that sounds ✨ amazing ✨

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Zeynep’s book Twitter and Teargas: the power and fragility of networked protest is out!

and there’s a creative commons version *happy poor activist sigh*

Going to be a part of a workshop by folks in Dan Airley’s research lab on applying behavioral science research to progressive organizing. And they shared a PDF copy of Predictably Irrational as part of the pre-workshop homework. Except they called it “a full length primer on behavior science”

I mean…if the author’s says it’s okay 😂