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Mx B Cordelia Yu @[email protected]

Holy wow, Boulder is fucking beautiful.

“If you've already sent a letter, PLEASE copy & paste it to her email as well so the higher up admin get supportive letters too ❤️”

Just got more info about this. @[email protected] says “an admin you can email support too is Joanne Mitchell, Penn's Chief Diversity Officer, at [email protected]

White supremacists on twitter just doxxed my friend and have convinced the University of Pennsylvania to condemn (and possibly remove her) for talking about pedagogical practices for equity. If you have any standing in academia, please email Kathleen Brown, Beth Wenger, Peter Holquist, and Eve Troutt Powell at UPenn’s history department and tell them what a mistake they’re making. More here:

California just passed and signed a law allowing nonbinary genders on state IDs and no longer requiring a physician’s sworn statement. Goes into effect in 2019.

This is huge news.

Thursday I fly to Denver for State of the Map, speaking on Saturday.
Sunday I fly to Full Stack Toronto to speak on Monday.
Tuesday I fly to London for Mozfest (on staff as a part of OpenNews running the journalism track).
And return to the US November 1.

This will be my first time flying internationally as trans, but with the wrong name/gender markers. Fun.

As a person who makes my living with words, not having the words to describe the depth of my malaise is…something.

Got the TSA groping for my flight from RDU yesterday. That was not fun.

When did complex statistical modeling become something random people could do without a research lab’s computing resources to back them up‽

Civic Tech Fest is going on in Taipei rn, a few friends are there and I am hugely jealous.

But there are collective notes available:

Take care of one another out there. We’re all we’ve got.

Books taught me of squalid terror.
2016 taught me bemused terror.
2017 taught me squalid bemused terror.

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Oooh…the sharing model for sandstorm’s version of etherpad is *fantastic*

✨decolonize political philosophy✨

Oooh. setting up your own instance has become *amazingly* simple. If I didn’t spend 90 minutes figuring out that my DNS config was pointing to a different server I would’ve been done in less than half an hour.

Tech friends! Your skills are needed! Sketch City—a civictech group in Houston—has several digital projects to help support volunteer and emergency relief logistics. Info for contributing in the link ☟

Treat people as whole people. Not just workers, not just experts. But whole people. Parents, siblings, hobbyists, nerds, busy, complicated, tired, hungry, friends, family.

Make space for the beautiful, the messy, the difficulty and pain. Let folk be whole fucking people who carry their community and their hearts with them wherever they are. Let people be broken and joyful in whatever measure they need.

Do that and people step up and shine brighter than the best full spectrum bulb you can find.