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The best thing about starting an instagram account for my bunnies: getting followed by a lot of instagram bunny accounts.

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Homeless transwoman needing urgent help:

Having to move out of current housing ASAP.
Was due to move start of week, but arrangements have fallen through.

Looking for any leads for trans friendly rooms/sofas/corners of rooms in Washington; need somewhere to live for 4-5 weeks while I get some freelance gigs through for somewhere permanent.

Pretty broke right now, but can cover food, internet contributions, maybe rent if it's not too much.

(boosts appreciated)

“Relatively peaceful” being a rather complicated term—but…no military coups rejecting free and fair elections or overthrowing supreme court rulings, so I suppose that’s something?

What do the GA-06 special election and the Overton window have to do with Taiwanese civics textbooks?

Apparently a lot because this week I’m finally digging my way out of a research rabbit hole of decades of how taiwanese education policy has shaped civic textbooks and Taiwan’s relatively peaceful transition from authoritarianism to a free democracy.

yeah, it took a couple of edits to get this right, sorry 😭

Everyone: Hey Cordelia, you have unique skills, experiences, and research for making communities of action more inclusive. Do you want to speak at our conference on {diaspora|tech|content|journalism|democracy|activism|sustainability|social justice}‽

Nobody: Hey Cordelia, let us pay you a living wage to use your unique skills, experiences, and research to make communities more inclusive!

My life: huge social value, little direct economic value.

Me ☛

@socrates seems to be working for me rn—which is good but i suppose makes debugging a pain 😂😭

@[email protected] research & writing is mostly independent and geared towards a civictech audience rather than an academic one, but:
The overall process:
The facilitation process:
intersection w/ activism:

@socrates haven’t experienced it yet. are you experiencing when viewing local folks or on other instances?

@sydneyfalk yup! asking her in case she passes by a university book shop.

@socrates oooh good decision, didn’t realize federated timeline controls were that fine-grain

Would it be weird if I asked my mom to bring back South Korean and Taiwanese high school civics textbooks from her vacation?

That’d be weird, right?