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Thinking I should give serious thought into figuring out what it would take get funding to start an org that sits between OpenNews, Sunlight Foundation, Civic Hall, and Code for America.

@thebestsophist they are not so far away between each other. You mean something between journalism and civic tech?

@gaba a connector! These days most of my time is talking to folks from each and while there are a lot of side conversations between individual persons, there isn’t really any shared space for ideation and problem solving.

@thebestsophist yes! I'm on the same between-worlds space

Mx B Cordelia Yu @thebestsophist

@gaba So many of us! tbh, I’ve been slooowwwllllyyyyy trying to get ON folks to pick it up (😂) while also trying to figure out how to fundraise for such a project.

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