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Mx B Cordelia Yu @thebestsophist

I wrote about why the left is so much worse at shifting the Overton window than the right.

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@thebestsophist *looks at the title*
liberals are to the right, so there's no contradiction to being left and not liberal

...sorry, I'll stop being aggressively European now

@Sargoth but i mean western liberalism, as the enlightenment is trash.

@thebestsophist US liberalism is not western liberalism
we are getting off track of me making fun of liberals somehow being on the left


Liberals pretend that the dovetailing of RW values w/ corporatism isn't a thing, when it's crucial to the durability of the RW. That's true of liberal values,too. Which helps explain their constant rehabbing of figures like Dubya after the fact. They love the smell of $$ and revile Lefties who even hint there's a world possible without it forever at our, uh... center.

This constant omission is like trying to discuss cooking without mentioning an oven & it drives me bats.