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Oooh. setting up your own instance has become *amazingly* simple. If I didn’t spend 90 minutes figuring out that my DNS config was pointing to a different server I would’ve been done in less than half an hour.

@thebestsophist A colleague and me have been tinkering with sandstorm, too. We found that containers/apps inside are quite closed and can not easily be customized. We switched to a Docker-based system instead and build images ourselves. May I ask: What are you going to use sandstorm for?

@xldrkp currently testing it for my personal use/tools library. but also testing to see if it’d be a good set of productivity tools for a new writing/media collective

@thebestsophist I think sandstorm is a great kind of catalogue to show people what tools exist to collaborate in projects. I also used it for testing and learning how tools work without much admin efforts. After testing, I'd prefer a dedicated installation of the tools chosen.

Mx B Cordelia Yu @thebestsophist

@xldrkp i’m not a devops person (content strategist), so I like having it one-click to let teams determine which tools they need for themselves is super compelling to me—especially when coupled with having some sort of system for single sign on.

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@thebestsophist That's right, single sign on is great with sandstorm. I'd like to hear about your experience in the future.