Masto time 💃🏻
I’m B Cordelia Yu, I’m Taiwanese-American transfemme enby, and a content & editorial strategist mostly working around issues of science/environmental/social justice, civictech, and academic coms.
My research is on deliberative democracy and political cognition. I seem to be giving a lot of talks about inclusion in tech and participatory organizing for social justice.

@thebestsophist greetings! are there links to any of your talks about inclusion in tech and participatory organizing? they're both interests of mine as well ...


@jdp23 Some!
Two from Sustainable UX:
The 2017 talk was sort of a continuation of the first, but you don’t need to watch the first one to understand the second.

And there’s a blog post on a workshop at opengovhub on participatory organizing last week:

@thebestsophist thanks! looking forward to checking them out!

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