White supremacists on twitter just doxxed my friend and have convinced the University of Pennsylvania to condemn (and possibly remove her) for talking about pedagogical practices for equity. If you have any standing in academia, please email Kathleen Brown, Beth Wenger, Peter Holquist, and Eve Troutt Powell at UPenn’s history department and tell them what a mistake they’re making. More here:

Just got more info about this. says “an admin you can email support too is Joanne Mitchell, Penn's Chief Diversity Officer, at”

“If you've already sent a letter, PLEASE copy & paste it to her email as well so the higher up admin get supportive letters too ❤️”

@thebestsophist I am yelling very angry things at the screen right now. I will signal boost where I can. This is garbage.

@thebestsophist oh god, I saw this on Twitter. So shitty. I hope she's OK

@thebestsophist what even

McKellogs is the mostest pedagogue there is, just the kind of person you'd want to see have at it when it comes to reforming pedagogical practices


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