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Books taught me of squalid terror.
2016 taught me bemused terror.
2017 taught me squalid bemused terror.

pet mortality+poverty 

Oooh…the sharing model for sandstorm’s version of etherpad is *fantastic*

Oooh. setting up your own instance has become *amazingly* simple. If I didn’t spend 90 minutes figuring out that my DNS config was pointing to a different server I would’ve been done in less than half an hour.

Tech friends! Your skills are needed! Sketch City—a civictech group in Houston—has several digital projects to help support volunteer and emergency relief logistics. Info for contributing in the link ☟

Treat people as whole people. Not just workers, not just experts. But whole people. Parents, siblings, hobbyists, nerds, busy, complicated, tired, hungry, friends, family.

Make space for the beautiful, the messy, the difficulty and pain. Let folk be whole fucking people who carry their community and their hearts with them wherever they are. Let people be broken and joyful in whatever measure they need.

Do that and people step up and shine brighter than the best full spectrum bulb you can find.

So I’m temporarily working with the amazing folks at OpenNews. And words like this are why I love them dearly:

September: Speaking at Data & Democracy in Durham.
October: Speaking at State of the Map in Boulder, then Toronto to speak at Full Stack Toronto, then London for Mozfest.

Thinking I should give serious thought into figuring out what it would take get funding to start an org that sits between OpenNews, Sunlight Foundation, Civic Hall, and Code for America.

This is not to say that I advocate for some sort of middle way. Action is always context dependent and must be cognizant of power dynamics.

Sometimes that results in (mostly) white feminists defending Tina Fey’s sheetcake sketch as satire—without regard of her broader history of work that often pushes for a sort of head-in-the-sand brand of political action as well as ignoring her history of being racist, ableist, and transphobic.

Other times its arguing for a pacifism as a universal rule without regard for how authoritarian power would often *love* to be able to steamroll over pacifists.

Now, I’m neither white nor pacifist—I will fucking defend my people with whatever tools I have—but I think about how liberalism teaches people to think about and apply principles in a way that focus on individual acts without understanding the broader contexts in which actions occur—which ultimately perpetuates systemic injustice.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about the intersection of acceptable political action, pacifism, satire, and the role of scholars and the petit-bourgeious in fighting fascism and white supremacy.

One piece I’ve been thinking about is this piece on pacifism in the context of white privilege.

Changing profile name to my name…we’ll see how well that goes.

pet mortality+poverty 

nazis marching right now 

nazis marching right now 

nazis marching right now 

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