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I am planning on more frequently tooting passages from sources I'm reading and I am going to do so thus:

The *public* post will be reference information, comments, content notes, tags;

Interesting pull quotes/passages will be posted as comments in reply with a brief citation, so they are boostable. These will be reflective of things that can be considered in an edifying way, even if my personal opinion differs (a note may or may not indicate this).

Pinning this post for followers new & old.

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Hi, I am an academic , information scientist, computer scientist, (theoretically) and amateur into / , , political theory & economics, societal issues (esp. interested in issues involving ), and . An if you will. Re-posting and pinning my for any new folks. alt-tags:

“By comparing data from 17 countries, we found that while more spending produces more high-quality science, increasing competition for resources does not.

In fact, competitiveness of funding and research quality are negatively correlated.”

To be good and lead a good life means to give to others more than one takes from them.
-- Leo Tolstoy

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PSA: Libraries & the appropriate verb Show more

PSA: Libraries & the appropriate verb Show more

May's Law:

Software efficiency halves every 18 months, compensating Moore’s Law.

Harvard’s Library Innovation Lab has finished digitizing 360 years of American case law, and starting today is providing access to 6.4 million legal cases via an API and bulk download

Micro-action my friend in Canada did. She would be happy if you copied it :)

Case in point:

"The phrase “robots are taking our jobs” gives technology agency it doesn’t (yet?) possess, whereas “capitalists are making targeted investments in robots designed to weaken and replace human workers so they can get even richer” is less catchy but more accurate."

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In agreeing to this new or , Canada allows the US to impose its wrong-headed "intellectual property" restrictions. After multiple copyright consultations in Canada & other agreements revealing we don't support these, this shouldn't be acceptable! Look at this alarming section on "intellectual property"

I've been thinking about this CBC news article on having "a right to be forgotten" for information in the public sphere (e.g. search engine results). That implies dangerous things for memory institutions (archives, libraries, museums, etc.). I don't see how erasing history is a good idea. I do see how people need some kind of control over companies keeping private info about them but that's a different situation to information in the public sphere.

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Best advice I can give a person:

Keep redundant copies of every pdf of everything you'll ever read/need. And then redundant copies of those copies.

My understand is that it morphed into newspapers, then zines, and now blogs. But it would be nice to have more pamphlets as a way of disseminating ideas to one's community.

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