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Hi, I am an academic , information scientist, computer scientist, (theoretically) and amateur into / , , political theory & economics, societal issues (esp. interested in issues involving ), and . An if you will. Re-posting and pinning my for any new folks. alt-tags:

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"We cannot *control* a system — practically everything we ever do has unintended consequences — but we can look about us before rushing into the indignant campaign or the technical fix. This is called manners." — from "Systems Thinking" in David Flemings' Lean Logic.

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It's William H. Riker, of course, not William T. Riker....

Paging through A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy and came across an article on federalism by William Riker. I was amused.

\m/ Call for Fucking Papers \m/

Subject: Multilingual Metal: Sociocultural, Linguistic and Literary Perspectives on Heavy Metal Lyrics

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In practice, entrepreneurs were not differentiated from regular capitalists until the 19th cent., when their function developed into that of coordinators of processes necessary to large-scale industry and trade. The entrepreneur's functions and importance have declined with the growth of the corporation. from The Columbia Encyclopedia [edited for compactness; 2/2]

entrepreneur [Fr.,=one who undertakes], person who assumes the organization, management, and risks of a business enterprise. To the classical economist of the late 18th cent. the term meant an employer in the character of one who assumes the risk and management of business; an undertaker of economic enterprises, in contrast to the ordinary capitalist, who, strictly speaking, merely owns an enterprise and may choose to take no part in its day-to-day operation. [1/2]

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It is interesting to see different perspectives in thesauri. Here are the entries for the word, :

Oxford American English Thesaurus:

businessman/businesswoman, enterpriser, speculator, tycoon, magnate, mogul; dealer, trader; promoter, impresario; informal wheeler-dealer, whiz kid, mover and shaker, go-getter, high flyer, hustler, idea man/person.

American Heritage/Roget's:

architect, author, creator, father, founder, inventor, maker, originator, parent, patriarch.


I suppose I just admire the chutzpah of putting that address on something consumers see.
Imagine if you bought a book and on the last page it said

This book cost us pennies to print.

A gentle undirected note that hashtags here don't work in the same way as on Twitter. They're purely for searching, not for metrics.

This may not be everyone's view, but Mastodon (to me, at least) shouldn't be about accumulating metrics - it can be so much more: it can be about building community.

A vulnerability in the LocationSmart website allowed anyone, with no prior authentication or consent, to obtain the realtime location of any cellphone in the US to within a few hundred feet.

16-bit style remix of "Derezzed" by Daft Punk from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack


I am a masters student in mathematics at University of Göttingen in Germany; from USA.

I like Riemann spheres, algebraic geometry, number theory, class field theory, low dimensional topology, visualization/notation and physical models of mathematical objects. I used to do computer programming; but you can never really leave the code behind.

I joined this instance to find other mathematicians because it can get lonely being fascinated by obscure hard to explain stuff.

"Much recent scholarship on participative pricing mechanisms is published by Elsevier, known for developing what might be called the “pay-what-we-want-and-nobody-gets-hurt” (PWWWANGH) model. Thus, I am lamentably behind on many developments in the field."

Find those online secrets they don't want you to know about with the WAyback Machine. friends,

If you wondering where you are on @fdavidcl 's map of the Mastoverse:

I give you:

autochthon (n.) — Originally (only in pl.): a person indigenous to a particular country or region and traditionally supposed to have been born out of the earth, or to have descended from ancestors born in this way (OED).

autochthonous (adj.)
autochthonously (adv.)