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Re-posting & pinning my for any new folks:

Hi, I am an academic , information scientist, computer scientist, (theoretically) and amateur into:

/ ,
legal studies,
political theory & economics (MMT, etc),
, and
( and , etc).

I like music and ().

An if you will.

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#welcome tips for new users as gathered from experience: Show more

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I am planning on more frequently tooting passages from sources I'm reading and I am going to do so thus:

The *public* post will be reference information, comments, content notes, tags;

Interesting pull quotes/passages will be posted as comments in reply with a brief citation, so they are boostable. These will be reflective of things that can be considered in an edifying way, even if my personal opinion differs (a note may or may not indicate this).

Pinning this post for followers new & old.

Saw this book in a local bookstore:

Botanticum, by Katie Scott & Kathy Willis.

It has newly done botanical illustrations that are gorgeous. It's also a children's book.

capitalism, grades (marks) Show more

capitalism, grades (marks) Show more

I experience a mild β€œempty nest” syndrome when some students graduate.

Seriously public transit is a thing, would solve a lot of the traffic issues, and is (marginally) more environmentally friendly than THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DRIVING THEMSELVES TO WORK EVERY DAY

Gimme a bus route is what I'm saying

This is to record that on this day in history I got hit in the head by a pigeon. Oops. πŸ•ŠοΈ

Thinking there is a secret connection between Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom, Philip Josè Farmer's Riverworld, and Philip K. Dick's Adjustment Team....

Just signed up for

It supports MathJax!

Now if there was a way to support D3.js and function plot, we could have some amazing capabilities and a really neat platform for developing (interactive) manuscripts.


🎧 Current soundtrack:

Endless Echoes / Lucy in Disguise


Trying to find a good long-form video to explain on YouTube and part way (1:01:30ish) through

I decided to fact check US federal budget as percentage of GDP. I've made the following charts in Excel using data from the OMB:

Question for PhD-holders: reputation or merit? Show more

Question for PhD-holders: reputation or merit? Show more

Looking for rec's, advice Show more

Garment making book recommendation for beginners Show more

🎧 Current Soundtrack: Dark All Day / Gunship.

Working on a textile project. I love synthwave and friends for doing work...

Wise words on technology creep from a former coworker:

"But again, be forewarned. We were told this same thing with the advent of word processors, and in the end, we didn’t go home early because we got our work done. Instead we output more letters."

β€œA developed country is not when the poor have cars. It is when the rich use public transportation.” Gustavo Petro, socialist candidate for Colombian presidency

I was trying to learn CoNTeXt (or however they capitalize it), and damn that's hard to Google for too.

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