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How I think about posting on social media 

Would I want to say this / see this post...? a newspaper section (news, analysis, op-ed, advice, amusements, ads, announcements & notices): post public a newspaper were it news, but it's not: post unlisted open mic night: post followers only a surveillance agency's files on me as a telephone transcript: post direct message.

*For me, social media == Mastodon. I don't actively engage with other platforms anymore.

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Re-posting & pinning my for any new folks:

Hi, I am an academic , information scientist, computer scientist, (theoretically) and amateur into:

/ ,
legal studies,
political theory & economics (MMT, etc),
, and
( and , etc).

I like music and ().

An if you will.

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#welcome tips for new users as gathered from experience: 

Use CWs as subject lines to give others more freedom of choice in what they read.

Help our vision-impaired friends know what we are talking about when we post images by adding a description.

Use to make posts discoverable, if desirable.

Mastodon is about community, not celebrity.

It is perfectly fine to have more than one account, especially on different instances. Federation allows one to lessen context collapse this way.

Hey, pal. Do you make analog games of any stripe, where having nice layout software could make a difference?

Some RPG creators fundraised so they could give Affinity Publisher licenses to those who would otherwise have trouble affording them. Is that you?

If you have $4 and like cyberpunk, help me put some food in my kids' mouths!
"This is secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam. Very low-fi art style but the gags are just too good to pass up, and a lot closer to a "real" cyberpunk dystopian future than most favorites of the genre."

hmm my brain is convinced I have something happening tomorrow but also has absolutely none clue as to what it might be

pol, David Graeber quote, carework 

"You ask any Marxist about labor and labor-value, they always immediately go to production. Well, here’s a cup. Somebody has to make the cup, it’s true. But we make a cup once, and we wash it ten thousand times, right? That labor just disappears in most of these accounts. Most work isn’t about producing things, it’s about keeping them the same, it’s about maintaining them, taking care of them, but also taking care of people, taking care of plants and animals."
"Oh, this is fabulous. A new online platform, Bookshop, has created a centralized online shopping platform for independent bookstores around the country. Quarantine doesn’t mean you have to resort to Amazon. "
thelibrariansdaughter.tumblr.c #library #books

petition to rename the thing people do where they take cyberpunk and then remove the punk

it will now be called: cybercore

and y'all can go take your "politics-free aesthetic" and fuck off, cyberpunk is for when there's punk in it,,,

im gonna be permanently mad at signal until they let me use it without a phone number

a friend of mine is involved with this survey, and they're looking for a wider range of responses!

> The goal is to understand the public’s knowledge of COVID-19, their perceptions of risk from COVID-19, their belief in the effectiveness of public health recommendations, their intent to comply with those public health recommendations, their trust in common news sources, and their preferred news source.

responses from outside the US are ok!

Finished this book today. It is a badly needed corrective to the Hobbesian assumptions that permeate most of the world. I generally dislike popular non-fiction (too much anecdote, not enough documentation); but this one is okay, only occasionally going in that direction — I still would have liked to see at least two independent sources for every claim. Also not as uplifting as initially suspected. Many delightful tales of humanity are present however. Ultimately: Recommended and edifying.

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Looking for some qualitative text coding software (free/OS preferred) that supports collaboration.

Use case: I want to divide the work amongst a team of selecting and coding interview quotations.

(No obligation to reply. I can do my own research but thought someone here might know off the top of their head and be kind enough to save me some time.)

Christian, positive 

If you are Christian and want a free ebook on racial justice heres a list you can get for free!

I've been previewing the new @OpenAI API, and honestly despite myself I was a bit nervous when I typed "go ahead and try it." It's that good.

Hey friends I wrote a historiography of neoliberalism.
My advisor wants me to redo the chapter.

I am pretty proud of it as a history piece. If any of you historians would be willing to take a look at it/tell me if it's something I can send somewhere I'd really appreciate it

Only in respecting their human character do I respect my own.
-- Mikhail Bakunin

#anarchism #quote #bot

“A company with intrinsically motivated employees has no need of managers; a democracy with engaged citizens has no need of career politicians.“ (p. 19)

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If only we had the courage to take it more seriously, it's an idea that might just start a revolution. Turn society on its head. Because once you grasp what it really means, it's nothing less than a mind-bending drug that ensures you'll never look at the world the same again
So what is this radical idea?
That most people, deep down, are pretty decent.
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This is a book about a radical idea.
An idea that's long been known to make rulers nervous. An idea denied by religions and ideologies, ignored by the news media and erased from the annals of world history.
At the same time, it's an idea that's legitimised by virtually every branch of science. One that's corroborated by evolution and confirmed by everyday life. An idea so intrinsic to human nature that it goes unnoticed and gets overlooked.
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Reading Rutger Bregman’s new book “Humanking: a hopeful history”, here is the opening of chapter one:

It's a new week

Make a safe space for others

Make a safe space for yourself

Black lives matter

Past things in technology I still miss:
4:3 Monitors actually good for working and not designed to watch videos

Rear connectors on notebooks
Make that a full set of connectors on notebooks

Products designed to last for years (once know as quality)

Quick release batteries on notebooks

Non-soldered on parts, also know as user upgradeable

Software you could buy, once and then use for however long you wanted instead of subscriptions

Way to often: privacy

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