Here are some #opensource #foss apps I use from #F–droid 

Mastalab — client

Silence — P2P

FreeOTP — code generator

OpenKeyChain — key manager (integrates with K-9)

Offline Calendar

K-9 Mail — client, supports

Markor — editor

Sound Recorder

μMath+ — Computer system

Barcodegen — generator

SimpleTask Cloudless — /

(Not from F-Droid): Firefox

Here are some #opensource #foss apps I use from #F–droid 

@thelibrarian SMS is not really P2P. Maybe you meant e2e… Too many acronyms, I know. :)


Here are some #opensource #foss apps I use from #F–droid 

SMS can be Peer-to-Peer. My point was that, unlike Signal, etc. which relies on a data plan and an intermediary server, Silence does not and uses the standard SMS telephony infrastructure (whether that is implemented in a way that allows P2P or otherwise).

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