#welcome tips for new users as gathered from experience: 

Use CWs as subject lines to give others more freedom of choice in what they read.

Help our vision-impaired friends know what we are talking about when we post images by adding a description.

Use to make posts discoverable, if desirable.

Mastodon is about community, not celebrity.

It is perfectly fine to have more than one account, especially on different instances. Federation allows one to lessen context collapse this way.

few more #welcome tips for new users as gathered from experience: 

Also, mind the visibility settings. Your followers see your unlisted posts, so there is little need to flood the local and federated timelines with lots of public posts. :)

And URLs are a counted as no more than 23 characters, so there is no need to hide behind link shorteners. Which can obscure URL tracking and add an additional point of failure. This makes posts more (ethically) boostable.

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few more #welcome tips for new users as gathered from experience: 

Looking at other welcome posts, I was reminded that if you use camelCase in your it helps screen readers render the tags aurally. (To be honest, I often forget to do this. My apologizes to those on screen readers.)

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