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Humanity could be so much more than this. So much better. This is simultaneously my biggest source of hope and disappointment in the world.

Here is a 2014 publication entitled "Review of Terms Used in Modelling Influenza Infection" from Canada's National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases (in case you were wondering what the definition of "in close contact" was):

(Most of the terms are general terms from infection disease epidemiology drawn from the influenza modelling literature)

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Received 3 April 2020, Accepted 5 April 2020, Available online 10 April 2020.

Coronavirus disease 2019 is a pandemic influencing the first half of the year 2020. The virus has rapidly spread to many countries. Studies are rapidly published to share information regarding epidemiology, clinical and diagnostic patterns, and prognosis. The following review condenses the surge of information into an organized format.

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📘 Journal Article:

Epidemiology and clinical features of COVID-19: A review of current literature

Normally restricted access, but I had no problem accessing without any special privileges.

Always amusing when conservative types accidentally make communist arguments. "If the workers are so important, why does someone else own the company they work for?" Yes. Why indeed. :mrmarx:

While we're all focused on the Corona crisis the US government is quietly pushing an internet #surveillance bill that is aimed at abolishing message encryption:

We should probably pay attention to this and spread awareness even if we are not American:

#FediverseMetrics #MastodonPolls
To all #Mastodon / #Fediverse users:

On which continent are you?
Sur quel continent êtes-vous ?
Auf welchem Kontinent sind Sie?
¿En qué continente estás?
Em que continente você está?
في أي قارة أنت؟
На каком вы континенте?
In quale continente ti trovi?
Na jakim jesteś kontynencie?
आप किस महाद्वीप पर हैं?
Je! Uko bara gani?
در کدام قاره هستید؟
어느 대륙에 있습니까?
Sur kiu kontinento vi estas?

A Portrait of a Woman on Fire 

Saw the aforementioned film.

“Tell me that plot wasn’t concocted miles underground in a top-secret lesbian film lair.” — Jill Gutowitz on Bustle

Exactly Jill, Exactly. 👩‍💻

<< Just received a desk rejection from JEP:G for a paper on the effects of Ramadan fasting on cognitive control. The associate editor said the work would not be of broad enough interest. After I queried why, this was the response:

... "Your study is an interesting one, and I feel quite certain that it will be of interest to researchers in social and perhaps other sub-disciplines of psychology, but because the work is so specific to one sociological/religious context, it is not possible within this work to determine basic principles of human behavior that apply to other situations, which our readership does care about." >>


Strangely, I've never heard of a journal raising this objection to a "study" conducted only on college psych majors.

sexism in tech, gitlab 

welp, Gitlab are officially scumbags. don't work for them, don't buy support from them, this is gross as hell.

Both 'open' systems I've seen so far, open source and open education, are mostly building value that's freely coopted by corporations while doing serious harm to the wellbeing of the individuals doing the actual work.

There are exceptions, but most of those seem accidental.

ranting about single page applications 

While I understand that in theory, a single page application done right enhances user experience:

- almost nobody does it right because it is way, way harder to write a SPA than a "traditional" web app
- almost every list of justifications I see for SPAs focuses more on benefits to DEVELOPERS rather than benefits to USERS
- SPAs seem to be optimizing for streamlining sites that are full of adtech

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uspol, history, GOP 

On day I became curious about the historical origins the Republican party. I came across Mark Lause's book "Young America : Land, Labor, and the Republican Community." The GOP's allegedly socialist origins might explain why they use/are symbolized by the color red.

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