so is it normal to not be able to find anyone who will read your paper drafts? including advisors, committee members, professors, friends, et al.

should I just pay someone to read my paper and give me feedback? like really...

alright - I sent my paper draft to three professors at my university and a PhD student who can respond to ideas about social justice and climate change.

@theruran Advisors should be doing that. I often turn to friends for some help. If your university has a writing center they may be able to help. I'm sorry that really sucks

@Cyborgneticz thanks. at least it is good to know this isn't normal.

I am wondering if what I am writing is not familiar enough to them. Should I seek out researchers around the world who have knowledge closer to my research area, and ask them to read my drafts?

@theruran You could try. I have never done that. I have a lot of anxiety around that, but if you don't why not. I'd ask friends and the writing center first.

@theruran That is not normal, advisor and committee members absolutely should be doing that

You could always ask people on here, but there's no guarantee they'd necessarily have the specialized knowledge needed, depending on how technical the paper is

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