incredible how the professor whose research goal is "to synthesize tools and algorithms to aid the development of reliable embedded and cyber-physical systems and devices, using techniques from formal methods" says my research is quite different from his interests and expertise.

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Design of Cyber-Physical Systems Using Macro-CAD: whole-lifecycle model-based systems engineering, architecture, simulation & analysis by integrating formal methods in a verifiable virtual machine

Hello. This is @stman new account on .

I will update my profile soon.

just found out my outside committee member has funded research associate positions available. his research is very close to my own though, so I hope I will make a strong appeal to hire me.

Read this morning:

An Open Letter to the Lead Authors of β€˜Protecting 30% of the Planet for Nature: Costs, Benefits and Implications.’


some pretty devastating feedback! - said the authors of that paper were trying to invent a new form of .

instead of grading papers this semester, I'll be co-authoring the class slides and writing the quizzes for a new course.

alright - I sent my paper draft to three professors at my university and a PhD student who can respond to ideas about social justice and climate change.

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my research's audience? uh..well...pretty...pretty much other scientists....mostly just other scientists. yeah

@Cyborgneticz thanks. at least it is good to know this isn't normal.

I am wondering if what I am writing is not familiar enough to them. Should I seek out researchers around the world who have knowledge closer to my research area, and ask them to read my drafts?

so is it normal to not be able to find anyone who will read your paper drafts? including advisors, committee members, professors, friends, et al.

should I just pay someone to read my paper and give me feedback? like really...

SolarWinds: The more we learn, the worse it looks.

While you've been distracted by the holidays, coronavirus, and politics, the more we learn about the SolarWinds security fiasco, the worse it looks.

β–Ί Cyber-Chaos Ahead series :

Cyberattacks targeting healthcare organizations have spiked by 45% since November 2020 as COVID19 cases continue to increase globally.


Gotta endure a day of schoolwide Zoom "inservice" meetings. This means I'll be blasting Korean grindcore goodness from Jardim de Flores as antidote to the admins' treacly corporate-brain-stealing speak:

I should study Soviet design. Seems they built things to be repaired and maintained using common tools.

Am I wrong on that? Any recommendations?

@stman Glad to be back! I am trying to balance my life better for the future so I can accomplish my work.

And look - this instance has only a 500-character post limit. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

@stman I thought it's to justify their continued careers? There's also the pissing contest and what would be "cool!" The F-35 is a great example. The "Well, There's Your Problem" podcast should do an episode on that engineering disaster!

The National Academy of Engineering has a list of Grand Engineering Challenges and "reverse-engineering the brain" is one of them. This instrumentarian power cannot be given to corporations/governments, but scientists are happy to do the work!

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