@RaulMasu Hi Raul, nice to meet you! my name is James.

I am researching the engineering tooling problem that contributes to the fragility of computer systems.

Next week we are presenting a paper about the need to reinforce value driven ethical discourse in academic venues at the CHI conference (Human Computer Interaction conference)

It would be nice to know how other communities deal with ethic and values.

Here a short introduction to that paper.


any researchers in computing or an adjacent field, I'd love to connect!

Coordinated cutting of specific fibre cables seems to be quite effective.

> Internet services were down or running slowly in several French cities on Wednesday after fibre optic cables were cut overnight in "attacks" on the crucial infrastructure, telecom operators said.


Excellent quote:
"Without transparency, we would be forced to either blindly accept or blindly doubt the results. As we have said before (.pdf), transparency does not tie researchers’ hands. It opens readers' eyes."


has completed telescope alignment and is continuing instrument commissioning! blogs.nasa.gov/webb/

Just take a look at all those wonderfully focused stars from the Large Magellanic clouds.

recalculating my expected graduation after this semester and it seems that August 2023 maybe it! :psyduck:

Reviewer 1: this is the best paper I've ever read
Reviewer 2: this is the worst paper I've ever read
Reviewer 3: I talked to reviewers 1 & 2, and I must say, I agree

I'm a learning technology specialist and a sometimes instructor of Computer Science. Always looking for places where technology supports people learning.

My research focuses on using Big data and machine learning Technology to study philosophical questions about mathematical practices. I teach undergraduate courses in philosophy of computer science.

Hello fellow humans (+machines)!!! Here's an

I'm not-new to Mastodon but am a new sprout in scholar.social.

I'm a Global Southerner currently writing a thesis on Indigenous Women's .

I consider myself a go-between. As a historian, I'm a cultural mediator in-between past/present. Plus, I'm a translator and wikimedian. I edit scientific knowledge in academia outer-space and love to tackle meanings across languages.

Here I'm engaged in knowledge sharing and other funsies.

Hi everyone, I'm Jess!

I work on games and play at CMU. I have a joint faculty appointment in the HCI Institute and the Entertainment Technology Center, which means I get to study games, build systems, teach game design, and maintain an active game design practice, and it all counts as part of my job.

I collaborate with folks from many fields - basically anyone who has interesting and relevant problems! - so I'm looking forward to connecting here.

Clarification on the rules regarding "institutional" accounts on Scholar Social 

The reason for the rule is:

1. I refuse to do volunteer IT support work for the likes of Elsevier, and

2. I don't want people using scholar.social as an ad space without actually participating as a member of the community

So, to be clear:

* No accounts for journals (people who happen to be editors of journals are fine, though)
* No accounts for colleges, universities or departments/faculties/etc

► Cyber-Chaos Ahead series :

Zero-Day Exploit Use Exploded in 2021 :

Ransomware and other financially motivated threat actors joined nation-state-backed groups in leveraging unpatched flaws in attack campaigns, new data shows.


here is a brief 5-minute overview of my research based on a poster I designed.


still needs work, but I think I got my point across! lemme know~

the video of this presentation didn't turn out well because Zoom sucks. the presentation was wack too 🫣

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got another brief presentation to my peers in the department coming up.

let's do thissss

This may set the high-water mark for moments in fiction that hit me hard and repeatedly.

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