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Marcia, fine artist, film-maker, PhD candidate in Barça. Afro-Indigenous femme. I do artistic research, Afro-Caribbean phenomenology & a focus on phenomenology in an Hispano-Carib context. Creator of hashtags & tools on here like , .

Been here for 3 yrs & was a mod on the only Blk instance that was harassed off here.

I don't take bs anymore. But I'm also lovely :)

I have my own subscription service & host reading groups. Come thru

I haven't done an introduction since I came here I think? I do jokey ones off public but

I'm a queer, disabled, white trash, catholic, cyclist, cajun academic.

I adore teaching. I'm doing a PhD in Political Science. I research neoliberalism and how it manifests itself as a political language in American politics. I also research care ethics as an alternative to neoliberalism.
I've done work on a lot of different subject and love to share my work and read others' work!


Hi everyone! :ThisIsFine:

I am a fourth-year PhD student in systems engineering. I love this engineering discipline and I want to apply it to systems that sustain life (livingry!).

My research is about developing the open tools and model-based architecture for a computing system that is trustworthy and serves the user.

Would love to meet others who recognize the social dangers of modern computing and want to discuss alternatives from first principles.

Peace! ✌️

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