Does anybody know of methods that combine nonresponse bias with results from social mileu studies?

If you are excited about creating positive change 🙌 telling compelling stories to a variety of audiences 📚 and helping deliver a consistent, engaging brand experience 📩 please have a look at our Content Manager vacancy ➡️

What are the most important differences regarding functionality between and What should a team switching to riot be aware of beforehand?

Discoursive representation and mapping: Does anybody know of any tools that can analyze arguments and debates more detailed than pro/con or "p said" / "q said" relationships?

Trixie von Storch kommt am 17.9. nach #Mannheim. Zeigen wir ihr, dass sie und die #AfD hier NICHT WILLKOMMEN sind! #noAfD #noPaseran #wirsindmehr

42 year old me wishes 21 year old me hadn’t been talked into doing a PhD in AI and machine learning. I’d really like to be excited about all the AI/ML work going on at the moment, but all I’m seeing is the same problems/mistakes of 20 years ago, but with more CPU resources.

#gnu #linux als Standard-Wahlalternative für die Computer-Arbeitsplätze von ~35000 Student*innen? 30 stud. Gremien der #HumboldtUni haben sich bereits mit #gnuHU solidarisiert. Es bleibt eine Mammut-Aufgabe - mal sehen, wie hilfreich Mastodon(ten) sind, die dahinterliegende Idee in Form von #gnUNI an anderen Bildungsträgern zu verbreiten... alle Updates zu #gnuHU gibt es in Zukunft jedenfalls auch hier! Danke im Voraus für alle Retoots zu und!

I like most of the features of better than vanilla , save for evil keybindings. Does anybody have a normal, consistent set of keybindings for doom emacs?

Piping blocks through mutliple loops of and might cause much longer error logs for totally silly reasons like """" or " : " 🔁 💣 🔁 💣

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Hey & this place could be a great tool for academic discourse and networking! @socrates has some cool ideas, but in the end culture shift is up to us.

Let's bring people in our academic circles actively from other social networks over to this one to help pick up steam.

Perhaps you can change this post a bit so that it fits in your context?

And another thing:

Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name subjects and topics that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.

#photography #graphicdesign #writer #blogging #openaccess #openscience #sanfrancisco #technology #sketching #journaling #illustration #sustainablefashion #dataviz

Hey everyone. I'm a PhD candidate, based in germany, researching regional organisations and the legitimacy of global governance.

I'm a big fan of and I work mostly quantitatively with .

I'm a PhD candidate in at Latrobe Uni. Doing an acoustic analysis of fricatives, affricates, and lexical tone in Lisu and Lipo. Or trying to, at least.

Areas of interest include (mostly acoustic analysis, but I'd love to branch out into articulatory or perceptual studies as well), , , , , and .

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