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Jetzt beim luki.e.V. Freie und offene Software passt gut zur Kirche! 🤓#Kirchentag #dekt #DEKT19

Digital Humanities and the Future of Theology - What potential does digital humanities have to shape the practice of theology? Are there theological questions at stake?


You can add your WordPress site to the Fediverse by installing an ActivityPub plugin.

This lets anyone on Mastodon etc follow your site, comment on posts and share them on the Fediverse.

There are two WordPress ActivityPub plugins available right now:


AP for WordPress

An example of a WordPress site using Pterotype is WeDistribute:

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Rezept für weniger Zeit vor dem Bildschirm:

- 1 Standing desk mit PC drauf

- 1 normaler Schreibtisch zum analogen Arbeiten

- KEIN "Stehstuhl" o.ä.


Etwas mehr zu den Hintergründen des Projektes @librechurch beschreiben wir in diesem Blogpost: luki.org/2019/03/projekt-libre #floss #digitaleKirche #digitaleSouveränität #datenschutz

Kleinere Updates zum Projektverlauf gibt es unter dem Acccount @librechurch.

How A ‘Deviant’ Philosopher Built Palantir, A CIA-Funded Data-Mining Juggernaut

Karp himself remains the most eccentric of Palantir’s eccentrics. The lifelong bachelor, who says that the notion of settling down and raising a family gives him “hives,” is known for his obsessive personality: He solves Rubik’s cubes in less than three minutes, swims and practices the meditative art of Qigong daily and has gone through aikido and jujitsu phases that involved putting cofounders in holds in the Shire’s hallways. A cabinet in his office is stocked with vitamins, 20 pairs of identical swimming goggles and hand sanitizer. And he addresses his staff using an internal video channel called KarpTube, speaking on wide-ranging subjects like greed, integrity and Marxism. “The only time I’m not thinking about Palantir,” he says, “is when I’m swimming, practicing Qigong or during sexual activity.”


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What is Christian identity? // Gerald Liu

As soon as I reveal the faith that defines my entire life, and my neighbors try to square that knowledge with how normal they thought I was, I find myself scrambling to explain it.


Hey there. This is my
I‘m a theologian at Ruhr-Uni Bochum, living in Heidelberg. My field of expertise is Systematic Theology - especially Protestant Theology from 20th/21st century. I‘m also interested in all sorts of open source culture.
Bringing these two together I am on to some explorations with an open journal called „Cursor“ together with @thomasrenkert and several other inspiring scholars.
Looking forward to learning about emerging possibilities of science communication.

Ich bin in den letzten Wochen öfters gefragt worden, warum ich bei den #Grünen und unserer #Kirche aktiv bin, #Linux und #FOSS propagiere und eine stetig steigende (produktive) Wut auf die aktuelle #Umwelt- und #Wirtschaftspolitik entwickle. Einer der Gründe liegt seit 10 Minuten schlafend im Bett und ich will, dass sie immer wieder in einer Welt aufwachen kann, die von hoffnungsvollen Menschen und nicht von Kosumentenprofilen und Konzernzielen gesteuert wird. #papasein #rant

Does anybody know of methods that combine nonresponse bias with results from social mileu studies?

If you are excited about creating positive change 🙌 telling compelling stories to a variety of audiences 📚 and helping deliver a consistent, engaging brand experience 📩 please have a look at our Content Manager vacancy ➡️ bit.ly/2Ssg0KR

What are the most important differences regarding functionality between slack.com and riot.im? What should a team switching to riot be aware of beforehand?

Discoursive representation and mapping: Does anybody know of any tools that can analyze arguments and debates more detailed than pro/con or "p said" / "q said" relationships?

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