@tni Hi, maybe you could please pretend harder that you're not just copying material from your Twitter account and pasting it here by removing the broken @-mentions?

It's kind of a faux pas

@tni There's the "Delete & re-draft" button

Have you read the instance's Community Standards?

@bgcarlisle We have, is there any item in there you think we might not be following?

@tni "Accounts that automatically repeat a Twitter account, RSS feed, etc. must post to Scholar Social as Unlisted, not Public"

You're obviously cross-posting as Public

twitter mention 

@bgcarlisle It's not automatic, it's just deciding to use the same text.
We should have removed the the twitter handle for sure. But is using the same text for twitter as for mastodon also not accepted for public toots?

twitter mention 

@tni Copy/paste is too "automatic" if uncorrected errors get through

And deciding to leave a post up even after you were asked to take it down is hostile

Scholar Social isn't Twitter and we don't want to be, so we aren't happy when brands come here and dump a bunch of Twitter-spam here

If you want to interact with users here, post calls for papers, or things that are of interest, you're welcome

But we're not "other Twitter"

We're people

Interact with us on that level


twitter mention 

@bgcarlisle ok, clear. which post should be taken down? We did the delete and redraft as requested did we not?

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