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@bgcarlisle ok, clear. which post should be taken down? We did the delete and redraft as requested did we not?

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@bgcarlisle It's not automatic, it's just deciding to use the same text.
We should have removed the the twitter handle for sure. But is using the same text for twitter as for mastodon also not accepted for public toots?

@bgcarlisle We have, is there any item in there you think we might not be following?

Even as the struggle for peaceful, just and sustainable world continues, it is important to take a moment and appreciate the gains made in the past year. Here are 12 movement victories that inspired us in 2018:

El espacio para la protesta en el Reino Unido se ve cada vez más amenazado y la red Netpol se encarga de documentarlo. Un artículo especialmente relevante a la luz de la reciente sentencia contra los 15 de Stanstead. :

The Transnational Institute in conversation with Michael Neocosmos about power and emancipatory politics in Africa.

Hello folks, new member here :) I recently (october 2018) started a PhD thesis at CEA-List (Saclay, France) and ANSSI, on formal methods applied to security (broad topic !).

Before that, I graduated from ESIEA Paris and I hold a MSc in Computer Sciences, with a speciality in information security :)

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We are the Transnational Institute. An international research organisation founded in 1974. We work with activists, scholars and policy makers. We mainly work on topics like corporate power, agrarian and environmental justice, international drug law, alternative approaches to essential public services, trade and investment, and war and pacification studies.

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We used to be on before it went down.

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