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This came out the other day:

"This report argues that consumer technology reviewers have failed their basic nominal purpose of critiquing tools. Instead, inspired by values introduced by Apple in the late 1990s, the tech review industry prioritizes aesthetic lust as the primary critical factor for evaluating objects. The reification of these values in their scoring system is transmitted to consumers and manufacturers alike. Like other prurient things, the objects designed within this paradigm are optimized not for usefulness but for photogenic and telegenic properties, a framework that finds its fullest realization in YouTube reviews and unboxing videos. There, even the intimation of critical rigor within tech reviewing vanishes, the smartphone becomes the center of gravity, and manufacturers are even further incentivized to design products for end consumers who are less users than viewers."

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@tobbsn "Good news", it appears existing users will be grandfathered in and won't need to get a paid subscription?

Still kind of sucks, especially if non-cloud features are also behind the paywall.

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By shutting down Crowdtangle and Adobserver, FB hopes to control the academic findings about the company's role in disinformation, hate, and harassment. The company runs its own research portal where academics are expected to access data about the platform.

But as with the journalists who report on it, FB has heaped abuse on the academics who research it.


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This time I only spent 20 minutes on it and found a mostly workable solution for myself, yay!

But now I have to and a half hours of procrastination time left 🤔

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The subscription economy is UBI for corporations. 💩

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the delicious irony: creators of industrial language models are now worried about no longer being able to use the web as their "commons" (i.e. other people's labor that they appropriate and commercialize) because their own outputs are "polluting" it (via

:LeVarDislike: Finally finishing some really important document like this syllabus.

:LeVarLike: Spending three hours unsuccessfully trying to get emojis to work in my pandoc markdown workflow.

Fouché's Essay is part of the great book »Race after the Internet« edited by Lisa Nakamura and Peter A. Chow-White, ISBN: 978-0-415-80236-9

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Singh's critique hits some interesting & relevant points about techno-determinism in the space and a blindness regarding the people actually getting taught.

I also had to think of Rayvon Fouché's Essay »From Black Inventors to One
Laptop Per Child - Exporting a Racial Politics of Technology«, where he shows the colonial continuities of such programs; raises issues about the marketed 'cultural agnosticity' of the 'single technology for the 3rd world' and the narrative of white saviours.

Show thread wrote an intersting thread on the "One Laptop Per Child" Project and what he calls "The iceberg theory of ":

> »All the focus is on the 1/10th part which is visible: The TECH of EdTech
> When we sell the promise of EdTech: we focus on Tech
> When we analyse the failure of EdTech: we focus on Tech
> The part that is constantly ignored is the 9/10th part of the iceberg.
> The part which is hidden from view: The ED of EdTech«


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shoutouts ONLY to the guy who, at the end of the class where we read bartleby the scrivener, said very confusedly, "guys.... what if capitalism was bad?"

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ran across this post about the fediverse from 2010 and remembering how times haven't changed all that much. bluesky who?! lets just wait for the google buzz federation!

missing image description 

huh, I seem to have messed up the image descripton. it was something like: "a pic of the remarkable tablet showing the new settings page for subscriptions. it says mostly the things in the toot, and to manage subscriptions on - this is not my pic, somebody posted it to reddit and discord."

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As for the alternatives:

+ you can host your own "rmfakecloud" - I've not tried it yet, but things like the really good hand writing recognition will not be the same ofc. And not nearly everybody needing it will be able to host that on their own:

+ get another device. another not great option. the looks really cool, but realistically will take quite some time until it's even near the remarkable:

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Of course there are alternatives, but it is still a shitty move by the remarkable makers, since these devices are ridiculously expensive!

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The latest beta update seems to introduce a paid subscription scheme.

Without a paid subscription, older Files will stop syncing and be deleted. The basic subscription will not do that, but give you a "Limited set of Features". Only with the full subscription gives you all the features people are used to use on their devices, like screen sharing and so on.

I was hestitant to get another proprietary device, and know I know again why.

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"The lifespan of bitcoin mining devices remains limited to just 1.29 years. As a result, we estimate that the whole bitcoin network currently cycles through 30.7 metric kilotons of equipment per year."

All your RSS-Feeds are broken.

Not a single RSS-Addon in Thunderbird works with the current version.

I don't wanna follow your institution's instagram, or subscribe to your newsletter. Please don't clutter my mailboxes.

Can't you just fix your feed before trying to fill five other fancy new channels? I'm really not interested in your linkedin, I just wanna stay reasonably sane while following various journal's and institution's updates. :BlobCatGooglyShrug:

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