The latest beta update seems to introduce a paid subscription scheme.

Without a paid subscription, older Files will stop syncing and be deleted. The basic subscription will not do that, but give you a "Limited set of Features". Only with the full subscription gives you all the features people are used to use on their devices, like screen sharing and so on.

I was hestitant to get another proprietary device, and know I know again why.

Of course there are alternatives, but it is still a shitty move by the remarkable makers, since these devices are ridiculously expensive!

As for the alternatives:

+ you can host your own "rmfakecloud" - I've not tried it yet, but things like the really good hand writing recognition will not be the same ofc. And not nearly everybody needing it will be able to host that on their own:

+ get another device. another not great option. the looks really cool, but realistically will take quite some time until it's even near the remarkable:

missing image description 

huh, I seem to have messed up the image descripton. it was something like: "a pic of the remarkable tablet showing the new settings page for subscriptions. it says mostly the things in the toot, and to manage subscriptions on - this is not my pic, somebody posted it to reddit and discord."

@tobbsn Already paid a ton for this tablet, not looking forward to paying them more for it.

@jaranta me neither :\ but maybe there is hope in the active hacking community around it

@tobbsn good thing i've waited long enough to get one, to see this happen.....

@meena it's still an amazing piece of hardware, and it runs linux - so if you are into tinkering with these kinds of things you can still get some cool functionality.
but I am so very much annoyed by this move...

@tobbsn does not sound that remarkable. ability to access the function as a service. pfeh! no thx.

what is this an ebook reader?

@ringo they call it a "paper tablet", so its basically a big e-ink screen with a stylus so you can write on it, and it has some really good handwriting conversion - but thats cloud based 🙄

overall its a very handy tool if you work with texts a lot, like scientific journals and stuff.

@tobbsn how's that useful at all? i have pens, and paper. :) get yourself some vellum paper, and a kaweco fountain pen, a bottle of ink, and a cartridge converter. you wont be sorry. you can also get some graph paper.

oh wait, does it let you browse the web, and copy and paste blocks of text? sounds a lot like a sinclair or commodore, but in your lap, where it pulls on your trachea, and fucks up your spine. i prefer what already works and keeps my head upright so i can sit up straight

@tobbsn it's 2:30 am here, so i'm a bit sassy at the moment, nothing to do with substances- i'm a sober person- but everything to do with my sneaking suspicion the world has gone to hell by technology and we're just going to realise it far too late for most people to pull their heads out and recover, but hey i dont mean to sound bleak either.

i'll stop while i'm ahead. ish

@tobbsn that wasn't me being salty, but it was me being sassy.

i wish that most people just use what makes them happy, but i dont like things that have a high operational cost or user curve in replacing (artificially) something that already exists and works well, like pen and ink.

it does look like a pretty gadget, but i personally wouldn't have any use for it.

@tobbsn so, if you have the money, this is extortion

but, if you don't have the money, this is just plain old forced obsolescence

with a twist of course, this isn't a fridge breaking down and you still have time before your food turns to mush

@meena in stretching the metaphor: it also disables the super useful ice trays and some other things which were part of the reason the get the fridge 💩

@tobbsn fucking yikes!

I know why I never signed up to their cloud shit. I was gonna set up my own cloud but haven't gotten around to it yet (and iirc there was some stuff that didn't work properly).

God this is frustrating.

I wouldn't even mind paying for a cloud service if it was FOSS (like I pay for bitwarden because it's AGPL and I like it)

@tobbsn (actually I did try setting it up but there were some extremely weird issues:

generally the project doesn't seem very well maintained)

@spacekookie I'm yet to try it out. And while I like self-hosting stuff, it also means more work. More stuff so keep updated, more stuff to keep in mind :\

image description 

photo of a screen on the reMarkable table showing the UI to pick a plan

@tobbsn Who needs ransomware if you can force a monthly subscription on people...

@tobbsn Rm2 hardware is great, and I hoped they have a kind of compromise with the community.. ah buggers. Best wishes to anyone willing to help rmfakecloud. I use rmfuse which seems to work with their official cloud. Saw an update notification popping out, will avoid pressing it as long as it makes sense.

@tobbsn Btw, a better and a much simpler way to solve the problem - may be writing a program which would sync local pc folder (governed by e.g. syncthing) with rm2 file storage via ssh. Their storage is not (yet?) encrypted, it just has weird format. Maybe one should look in the direction of retargeting rmfuse (which renders annotated pdfs pretty well) from the official cloud to a good old ssh. Will write an issue soon.

@sergey_m yes, there may be a way in that, but syncing is not my main problem here, even tho the weird as heck format makes it pretty complex.
I also dont want to wear out the usb socket on such expensive hardware by constantly un-/plugging a cable to move a pdf...

@tobbsn Yep, the format is weird, but I saw some shell script which works as a one-way pdf uploader. The code was pretty straightforward, despite the uuids. Regarding the cable, I can't remember right now why do we need it to get ssh access. If the wifi is app-locked then - yes unfortunately, the sceme assumes that one would have to plug it..


thanks for the heads up, I'll just avoid updating. I don't want my stuff going to their cloud anyway, and I was happy that it allows ssh in so I can get my files anyway, but yeah - I'd better go be sure it doesn't update.

Probably also need to look at how to debrick it just in case, which I understand needed soldering or something, ugh.

@Truck The remarkable is one of the only devices I don't keep up to date, since their updates keep breaking the cool community hacks - which is kinda understandable, I guess...

@tobbsn Yes, and those are actually a selling point... well, I guess we'll see what happens after the pine ink tablet becomes less alpha.

@tobbsn "Good news", it appears existing users will be grandfathered in and won't need to get a paid subscription?

Still kind of sucks, especially if non-cloud features are also behind the paywall.

@skyfaller this all looks to have been twisted out of shape by this thread, unfortunaterly predicatably so - my reading of the feature is users will pay for using a service, something that costs money to run. I'm really struggling to find something to be angry about here.

@oppen @skyfaller
I've bought two of these (both generations) and as far as I can recall the words «for a limited time» were not used when describing the synchronisation feature. As pointed out, these devices are expensive.
It is fair enough if they change the terms for new devices. That's like Tesla changing from selling with free supercharging first, but not anymore. The older Teslas still have free supercharging.

@kjetil_kilhavn they've already said they're grandfathering in existing users.

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