double PhD interview in 10 minutes (two faculty members will be on the phone with me at once) high hopes on this

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xmas gifts 

i got this for xmas and yall.... my little nerd heart almost burst
[id: a small galileo thermometer and fitzroy storm glass with a barometer]

readers: what is a reasonable goal for reading books for leisure during grad school per semester? or do y'all wait for summer/winter breaks

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I'm at but would like to migrate here eventually. Looks like account migration is still a bit of an issue:

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Such a beautiful, resilient flower of cactii Xique-xique, from a unique brazilian bioma of our drylands, the Caatinga.

"Caa-tinga" means, in Tupi-guarani language, "white forest" or "white vegetation"

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i really relate to crows. they wear all black, like collecting things, hold grudges, and remember those who were kind to them

second PhD interview also went well! invited to the on-campus interview in february

today's PhD interview went very well-- the professor said she would like to have me for the on-site interview in february

next interview tomorrow morning, fingers crossed

got an extension on my perception research with Army Research Lab for next spring! I was originally contracted for just this fall

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It looks like the Chinese scholarly world is backing by supporting Plan S.
This could be big:

personal statement: i want academic challenge

program: academically challenging


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hey, this might be common knowledge but since it's, what, day three of me being on this site? i think it's pretty cool so i'll share for you other newbies.

are super neat, yeah? i found a site ( where you can input any instance and get a list of all their custom emojis. like, check out all of these. so many tiny pictures. i want them all.

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Discount code for my book, Not Quite A Cancer Vaccine from Rutgers University Press. 30% off if you order direct from publisher. Plus mad props for not falling down the Am@z*n hole.

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If you have a problem with another user, please report them and explain the problem instead of encouraging other users to dogpile them. This isn't Tumblr or Twitter; there are actual moderators here who will try to handle disputes.

Happy that this scholar instance exists so i can dork out with zero restraint

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scientists are just people who didn't want to graduate ever. after a while they're like, "there's no more classes so you're a scientist now"

i'm a master's student studying memory applying to cognitive and brain sciences PhD programs this cycle... apart from reading, i also love anime and rpg's / fighting games (yes i am playing smash at midnight this friday)

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