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English Professor--Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University. Vice President--International Academic Forum.

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TEFLIN Conference

Title: TESOL Indonesia International Conference 2019
Date: March 28-30, 2019
Venue: University of Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia

Really good conference that I can't make this year. Happy to see they are hosting it in Lombok--good for post-quake local income.

Good reason to go into the office on a non-teaching day.

Warning: notes such as "Garbage article" that you add to items in a public Zotero library are easily searchable.

Although it's unlikely anyone will come across that commentary, it's still a good idea to be less insulting & more constructive. Or maybe make it not public?

It is amazing, though, just how much poorly written/researched/thought-through material does get published in peer-reviewed venues.

Saya belajar Bahasa Indonesia dengan Duolingo.

1 librarian, 1 reference event is happening Jan 15-Feb 5: participate by adding much-needed citations to Wikipedia! See here for more:

Hello, everyone!

I'm a graduate student in journalism at Ohio University. I'm currently focusing on data reporting, internet law and non-fiction production (see the documentaries that Vox and its subsidiaries make.)

I've had previous professional experience at The New York Times and Cleveland Scene Magazine, and I was also a finalist for a AEJMC research paper competition during my time in undergrad.

Also, I really love baseball and collect baseball cards.

Hello everyone! I'm currently applying to be an MA student in Japanese/Translation studies. My background is in linguistics and Japanese literature, though I'm particularly interested in translation/multilingualism in Japanese television and film. I also work professionally as a Japanese->English translator

Hello all! I'm a student of linguistics and anthropology with somewhat of a focus on the role of and in indigenous activism and language preservation. I speak Spanish and English and have experience with several other languages. I have worked in ELL and have experience as a medical interpreter. I'm also very interested in conlangs!

A little girl at work asked me if I wanted to know what her favorite #dinosaur was... I squatted down to her eye level (I'm 6'4" and she's a 5 year old) and said "I want all of you kids to listen to me carefully, I don't care what I'm doing or how old I am, I will ALWAYS want to know what somebodies favorite dinosaur is."

Library Planet is a great idea: a crowd-sourced travel book. They're publishing articles about interesting libraries to visit when you travel.

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Leaving in two days and conference presentation is on Friday. My slides are almost done. How is this happening?

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Hey. I'd like to get a little fediverse support group doing for writing more in the next year.

It can be blogs, long posts on here, fiction, non-fiction, thesis, uni work, etc. etc.

But I want us to band together and support and motivate each other.

I'm suggesting #AmWriting (capitalized for screen readers) as it's an already established hashtag, which I don't think would suffer if it was used more.

Still, don't give unsolicited advice, obviously.

Who's in?

@elementary Is there a way I can attach a bounty to a bug to be fixed?

There's a bug that's been in elementary since Jan of 2016 at least, and it's forced me to use an alternate file manager for the last two years

It's this one:

If you're considering academia as a career, Dr. Jonathan Sterne has a fantastic page of professionalization resources:

It's possibly most relevant to social sciences & humanities folks—and certainly to (North) Americans—but it's a practice I wish more academics did.

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