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English Professor--Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University. Vice President--International Academic Forum.

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Some students meet clinical levels of social in active learning classes, and it impacts their final grades negatively //

So, I've been procrastinating all weekend about doing some feedback on student presentations. I finally force myself, and ... Lo! Most of them are procrastinating on submitting them.

Academic conferences; We've all been there haha 

Need research subjects? This looks good. Discovered via .

Anybody here tried it? Experiences/results?

Reading comments from external reader/reviewer on the chapters I wrote for a group research project. They are not as scathing as a fully expected them to be. Main comment is too much general information--which I anticipated.

But like Mom always said, "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at ... Oh, wait, you have to fill about 7,000 words? Go ahead. Stick with generalities."

Love it! on opening keynote slide! "Are Religious Values Paramount?" At .

Surveys are useful. But Bong went on to measure in studies. How to prompt Ability Goal, Normative Goal, and Mastery Goals.

When you ask thousands of junior high students to freely list their goals and code them Bong found top results for social status goals. Frighteningly not a single response for social concern goals. Where does this come from?

Mimi starts us down the motivation and goal rabbit hole? Just how many damned goals are there? And these theories may reflect researchers' assumptions.

An old friend, Dexter Da Silva, welcomes Mimi Bong to speak. Really looking forward to hearing her talk on achievement goal theory. Mimi is also working through APA to open up connections to psychology from and with Asia.

Opening. Asian Conference on Psychology and Conference on Ethics, Religion, and Philosophy.

Question about anonymization in writing up research. Editing some chapters about edu practices at several universities in different countries. One author did not use pseudonyms. I can make the pseudonym but then they cite the uni website and list in the references. What to do? Remove ref and just cite (Pseudo Uni, 2017) in text?

Recruiting 2 Tenured Positions in Tokyo 

A good introduction to the use of "shadow libraries" across many countries, pirate services providing access to all kinds of academic works often locked behind paywalls

Hello, I am a Communications Instructor at a community college in south Texas. I enjoy research in social networking and cultural exchanges

From a friend at NACDA via Zuckerlandia

NBER is able to provide travel funds for Cohort Studies meeting on April 26-27, 2019 in Cambridge, MA. Program here: <>

Funds for a limited number of addl participants. Covers economy travel to from the meeting, meals, and hotel .Faculty and graduate students welcome.

To apply, name, email, and affiliation to Cecilia Lang by March 3. If you would like to participate but do not need funds, please indicate that.


Oh yeah, version 0.910! This has been fun so far. Getting back into managing my own stuff!

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