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English Professor--Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University. Vice President--International Academic Forum.

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Research and Practice






@gotanda on birbsite and most other places

Afraid the CfP is already closed but friends and colleagues are organizing PLL3 in Tokyo: Psychology in Language Learning. This will bring together top researchers in a small, accessible setting.


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Another good article from TESL-EJ

Psychological Attributes of Unwillingness to Communicate and Task-based Instruction
November 2017 – Volume 21, Number 3

Junya Fukuta
Faculty of Education, Shizuoka University, Japan


Found this interesting on -EJ Work with Tom Farrell!

TESL-EJ Special Issue
Second Language Teacher Education (to appear November 2018)

Guest Editor: Thomas S.C. Farrell

Call For Papers: Second Language Teacher Education

"As a relatively new and growing profession, second language teacher education (SLTE) has evolved over the past few decades. Indeed, SLTE has taken on a more global perspective and the knowledge base of SLTE has greatly ex ..."


Why Economists Make Terrible Fortunetellers

"Economists try to make sense of quantitative phenomena which are inextricably linked to human behavior and desire—factors that can be notoriously unknowable, even to the individuals themselves."


From a friend on the birbsite

"Interested in reviewing a recently published book in the @ bcteal Journal that you think would be interesting for professionals in British Columbia? Check out the call for submissions for the 2018 issue:

ejournals.ok.ubc.ca/index.php/ "

via @ euanmckay on the birbsite this looks like a pretty good opportunity

The University of Tokyo is recruiting a research comms officer. Based in Tokyo, work as part of a team of 4 on English press releases and outreach. Applications by 23 January 2018, start April 2018. Salary 4.8 m yen. Japanese language not required.


My phone broke on the way to in Hawaii, and I wound up having very limited time to post since I was so engaged with what was going on, but coming back from a great conference always gives me lots of renewed energy and motivation.

Gakushuin ISS is looking for a part-time teacher for an academic reading & writing course (twice a week on Tuesday and Friday mornings, Period 1 and 2) to start in April 2018. The minimum requirement is a Master's degree and relevant experience in teaching at Japanese universities. Ping me.

On my way to the conference on higher education. Will livetoot a fair amount.
I have a poster that is on the first day so looking forward to being free to learn a lot thereafter.


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pop-up public hackerspaces

I would like to hear about them

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Erm... Kevin here, from Tokyo (33 years, anyway). Trying to get Japanese university students to use English better. I use lots of tech in the quest for bettering.

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Playing with ProCreate app. Took a photo of a willow tree today; then tried to paint it on app. Much practice needs to happen. But it was fun! mastodon.social/media/JZ708NvG mastodon.social/media/Zah970h2

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~ City Hall ~

Me: One brunch restaurant license please

Clerk: The remaining possible options for your mandatory egg-pun name are:

* Egg-regious
* Egg-cological disaster
* Trickle-down egg-conomics

Me: That's it?

Clerk: Yeah, a new horse-meat omelet place already took "Egg-questrian"

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Hello all! I am an assistant prof. of computer science interested in data analysis and mining, computational geometry, computer game design and prototyping. I am working in Hacettepe University, Turkey. I wanted to give mastodon a try and hope to find a trusted medium for sharing my thoughts and collaborating with people. So, I really hope that this works :)

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anyone know of good mapping tools?

in particular, if you wanted to produce a map you could use in a book rather than online. any suggestions?

(for a colleague)

Just met with staff from Teaching Certification Office. We have to set minimum entry requirements for 3rd year students next year so they can do practicum in 4th year. (New faculty, so that will be our first cohort through.) Amazing how little pedagogical education students get before going for three weeks of practice teaching.

Dr Zachary Walker
National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore will be a keynote speaker at Asian Conference on Education 13-15 October 2018 in Tokyo. Early bird discounted closes 31 May 2018.