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English Professor--Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University. Vice President--International Academic Forum.

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That feeling when a teacher has been complaining for ages that they aren't getting the departmental emails via Moodle Forums and then you find out they have disabled all notifications.

That felling when someone sends you their book chapter on ethics in academic publishing with sections on pay-to-play and predatory publications and the chapter has clearly not been edited or proofread and is from a sketchy publisher. /headdesk

W.E.B DuBois’s essay/fiction collection Darkwater is available as a free e-book at Verso until tomorrow night:

Plant Microbial Fuel Cells let you enjoy both plants and solar energy at the same time!

Plants use light to produce sugars, and some of those sugars get deposited into the soil via the plants' roots. There, the plant sugars nourish soil bacteria, and with some clever use of electrodes, you can steal a little of the metabolic energy from those bacteria.

Essentially, you're using a living plant as a solar cell. It doesn't give you very much electricity but it's cool. 🌱☀️

One of the things I've always wanted to do was create the equivalent of the academic journal, but for people either not in academia, who ended up dropping out of academia for personal reasons, or who identify as independent scholars. And I also want to make it so that the journal has a section dedicated to layman discussion over argumentative books, or theories and their application.

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Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) area introduces a second Zed Cred (zero textbook cost degree program) using open educational resources!

Copied from Linguist List birbsite.
Some interesting books out there for review.

"Review: AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW: The following books are now available for review on the LINGUIST List. If you would like to become a reviewer for one of the books announced in the AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW posting, you will need to follow steps 1-6 explained…"

it should be a crime to release software that could be useful to non-coders by just linking to a github page that does not explain where to get the download

I don't know how much you nerds realize this, but every time the top link on your github page is not "where to download a working version of this that you do not need to be in my *actual day job profession* in order to understand" I lose enthusiasm for and interest in your project by a factor of maybe one hundred million percent

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Conference proposal in! Vacation is over! This is the first time I have submitted to a conference that was not strictly related to language education, edtech, or higher education. Getting some linguistic landscape stuff going.

Title: "Jostling on the platform: A linguistic landscape study in the Tokyo train system". Hope I get accepted (especially since I already bought the airline ticket!)

Just finished my third monthly data collection for a small study at my university's JR station. I can get three more months in before a November conference so time to get in a work-in-progress proposal.

TIL: Zotero, a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research.

It looks pretty nice, cross-platform, and AGPL3 licensed! 👍

Birbsite but long detailed thread on one researcher's method with archives. Reference to vision limitations and accessibility.

It's end of term here in Tokyo and student stopped by my office this morning. She had failed my compulsory first year course twice but finally passed this year. She wanted to say thank you. But she did all the work. (Getting dusty in here.)

.     The Sun → ☀️

  Elon Musk →🙍🏻‍♂️

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