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English Professor--Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University. Vice President--International Academic Forum.

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Have to get my act together for this for the 12th international workshop on , 9-11 September 2020 at @uniofgothenburg.

This year's at Chulalongkorn was fascinating.

Theme "The political economy of language and space/place"

Deadline 31 January 2020

One student from last semester's economics class came back for today's globalization class and he brought me a nice souvenir from Singapore. Broadminded virtue!

First day back in the classroom since July and it felt good. Nice to have a class where everyone chose it instead of being required to take it. And, I taught almost all of these students in first year, so we could just get started right away; we know how we work and what to expect from each other.

i really hate every time people just go "oh social interactions online are all fake" and im like

shut the fuck up

I want to #selfhost a fully standalone + offline cache of web + ebook content with a search engine on top.

While our home "DC" was up and online during most of the hurricane, we lost internet connection and couldn't look up a lot of things online that we take for granted.

I want to fix that, anyone out there familiar with the space? or know what #FOSS projects are best to glue this stuff together?

♻️ ✅

At the conference I went to last weekend, Pavel Trofimovich called for more language acquisition stuff to be replicated with similar samples, different populations, different languages, transparent, using and actually communicating with stakeholders and practitioners. Zero pushback, but I am guessing that the earliest career people there will be the ones getting actions done, whereas people in positions to gain feasible funding continue to wring their hands.

Airports use up a lot of land. I shouldn't be surprised but I am. Also, nice location choices for golf and large family landowners.

Got a new phone over the summer and finally getting my simcards accounts etc sorted out. Tooting resumes. Not that that matters much.

Some students meet clinical levels of social in active learning classes, and it impacts their final grades negatively //

So, I've been procrastinating all weekend about doing some feedback on student presentations. I finally force myself, and ... Lo! Most of them are procrastinating on submitting them.

Academic conferences; We've all been there haha 

Need research subjects? This looks good. Discovered via .

Anybody here tried it? Experiences/results?

Reading comments from external reader/reviewer on the chapters I wrote for a group research project. They are not as scathing as a fully expected them to be. Main comment is too much general information--which I anticipated.

But like Mom always said, "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at ... Oh, wait, you have to fill about 7,000 words? Go ahead. Stick with generalities."

Love it! on opening keynote slide! "Are Religious Values Paramount?" At .

Surveys are useful. But Bong went on to measure in studies. How to prompt Ability Goal, Normative Goal, and Mastery Goals.

When you ask thousands of junior high students to freely list their goals and code them Bong found top results for social status goals. Frighteningly not a single response for social concern goals. Where does this come from?

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