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English Professor--Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University. Vice President--International Academic Forum.

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@gotanda on birbsite and most other places

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@dajbelshaw We've recently discovered the Centre for the Study of Co-op's at the University of Saskatchewan words.usask.ca/thinkingaboutco and, of particuar interest to our work, this short 2016 booklet "Co-operatives and Universities" that you might find interesting (PDF) usaskstudies.coop/documents/bo

Aku pertama! Saya belajar kosa kata dengan aplikasi Memrise di dalam tren.


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Excited to be at Duke University today for talks on the nexus of data, race and algorithms. Especially stoked to see Tara McPherson speak on Platforms of Hate, as I've read so much of their fascinating work critiquing the dominant coding rhetoric!

Salient is 'lenticular logic', a way of seeing the world in a modular way that suppresses connections and nuances, relation, complexity, context (concept via "why are the digital humanities so white")

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Saluran TV Taiwan, Kenapa tidak ada bahasa Malay? 電視為何看不到馬來語?Inside Taiwan TV channels, Why… t.co/Xnmz50L69X

This is a good conference write-up / blogpost about what looked like an excellent event.

Event Recap: Futures Initiative Spring Forum--"Publics, Politics, and Pedagogy: Remaking Higher Education for Turbulent Times"


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anyone have a good CV template? I've been using the same look for a couple years and I feel like I should update.

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I'm a postdoctoral social psychologist / computational social scientist at the University of Texas at Austin, going on the job market soon-ish. My research primarily deals with understanding how a person's language reveals their underlying psychological processes, such as their motivations, personality, and identity. I also love pizza.

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Who has suggestions on how to do a reasonably private group call among the members of Scholar Social who want to participate in the discussion regarding instance governance? :)

No Google or Facebook products, please

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Went to a workshop today about leading change initiatives—basically any projects that will involve significant changes in a unit at a Uni. Several things stood out, but in particular: when people are resistant sometimes it’s because the change could deeply affect their sense of identity in their work, a way they think of themselves on a deep level. Not just about attachment to the old, but something very important to people. Hadn’t thought of that before.

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How 'Deaf President Now' Changed America psmag.com/education/how-deaf-p

"The lessons from Deaf President Now should be clear. Its success, fueled by direct action, shows that rights have to be claimed rather than given."

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The president of our uni made a formal apology today for the university’s role in supporting and not working to end the Indian Residential School system in British Columbia. I found it powerful live today. Here is a transcript: macleans.ca/education/universi

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mastodons who read a lot of #sci-fi - a question:

what is a good (maybe even popular, maybe short) story that deals with a complex relationship between a man and an atomaton (puppet/cyborg).

something that echoes but also critically deconstructs human fears of its own-made tech.

#scifi #stories #books

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Pinafore is an alternative web client for Mastodon that I'm releasing today. The goal is to make a lightweight standalone web app that can plug into multiple instances, with a UI focused on speed and simplicity.

Pinafore is still beta-quality in places, but it's already the main client @ElfLord and I have been using for the past few weeks. I've been working on it since the start of this year. Hope y'all like it. 😊

tfw you block out some time to copy over last year's Moodle content and make sure it all works before class tomorrow and you find that you already did that so instead you have time to actually work on improving it.

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More books should have a dramatis personnae

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