So, my students are in a jam. And, that means my program is in a jam. They must study abroad or do an international internship as a graduation requirement, but that ain't happening in the usual way now is it?

We have found three short-term online/virtual programs: University of Oregon CASLS 2-2wk courses; FPT University, Danang; 4 week internship working remotely; 4 week language and culture at Deakin U, Victoria. 1/


... So we are looking for 4 week full-time online/remote study abroad-like or internship programs for Japanese students in an EMI/CLIL social sciences program with high English language proficiency.

Any leads? Is your uni going to start setting up stuff like this to replace the gaping hole in your budget from no int'l students?

We'll be looking for full time half or full year remote international study as well soon, I think.

Ideas? Want to talk about requirements? Plans? 2/

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