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Ted O'Neill @ton

Diaz Maggioli at "Teaching alone can lead to routine practice (and generally does)"

I almost always teach alone. Most of us do.

How do you break your routines?

@ton I learn a lot from working with grad student TA’s (not all teachers have that opportunity though). They often have good ideas that I take on myself. I’m acting as a mentor for one right now that is seriously inspiring for me and providing me with new things to get me out of my routines.

Otherwise, I attend lots of professional development workshops for new things too.

@chendricks Wow. Yeah, working with TAs would be great. Or other early career teachers. It's amazing how I think I've learned long ago and then forgotten or it gets pushed to the back of my mind.

@ton I did a "teaching observation exchange" with someone from a completely different department. We observed each other's lessons and gave feedback. It was very useful!