realized that i've been checking this place too much. going back to my once a month strategy, then i won't get annoyed at things.

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In Finland the average amount of data transferred per SIM card is 17.3GB/month -

i guess that was my mindset too before living in Korea and Taiwan.

there are a lot of countries out there :D

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see lots of people talking about how great NZ doing in COVID

i look em up. 25 deaths...hmm. deaths per 100,000 = 0.51

Taiwan 7 deaths, 0.3 per 100,000.

very US/Western mindset on here i guess...

#1 Taiwan
#2 Vietnam
#3 Tanzania
#19 NZ

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Hey @Tutanota I saw where your resisting court attempts to install backdoors in your service. Thanks for defending your user's privacy.

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why do programmers prefer dark mode 

because light attracts bugs

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Yet another ad-blocker blocker. But stating "We don't mind you running adblocker, but could you please […] disable these scripts […]."

Obviously you mind that I'm running an adblocker. At least be honest with it!

Is there a ublock origin list that filters all those pages from search results? I'm tired of it.

#adblock #ublock #ads

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I want to say that running an instance is not profitable - most of them are run at a loss because most don't have Patreons. This isn't a business - this isn't politics - this is a hobby, a service offered so friends can be made and a space offered to do so.

I guarantee you no successful instance is doing this for "clout" or for profit or good PR. That's simply no good motivator for running one and the ones that start that way always, and always will, crash and burn.

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Stop buying Apple devices. Please, for the love of freedom.

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@Sapphicgiraffic I just realized that this is way better.

just answer a couple questions and it makes decent suggestions for distros.

That way your wife can also take things into account, like preferred looks (if that matters)

Otherwise. OpenSuSe is the most "windows like" I know, but weird

Ubuntu and mint are most user friendly for people new to Linux distros

I'd recommend a desktop environment like XFCE and LFCE (Xubuntu/Libuntu), because they require very little

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The Archie comic strip is all reruns, and boy howdy, this one has not aged well.

#comics #archie

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The NSA phone surveillance program was illegal and expensive: And it did not stop a single terrorist attack.

finished 2 books this weekend, but now have to get down to the serious business of choosing my next home read, and work read.

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If only y’all felt as strongly about ending racism as you do about ending capitalism

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In the USA, a typical person has $60000 of debt by the end of their life. Your overall net wealth is very likely to be a negative number, after living to get into debt and perpetually paying it back. Over an entire human lifetime, most people in the richest country the world has ever known, will effectively own nothing and earn less than nothing.

And yet, the idea persists that communism is bad because it means that “you can’t own anything.”

You don’t own anything now.

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Gonna stop reading the news and getting angry and get on with my day.

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