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installing mint after being bullied and harassed by fossbros for ages. #linux #foss #mastodev

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Two projects out of #Lyon...


'We are evolving in a fast paced environment with a strong will to scale. As you may imagine reaching this level of ambition requires a lot of sales efforts...'


'...a non-profit educational org—and group of friends—convinced that an emancipatory digital world is possible, and that it will arise online through real-world actions with you!'*

*Concisely edited by yours truly.

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i hate frustrating computer things that cut into my reading time.

thinking about this now, probably easier if i just learned how turn a Yunohost server into a 'router'.

must be command line way to get that working, then i don't even need Freedombox.

so far:
-turned into router
-installed privoxy > bleh hate it
-installed syncthing, trying to make work from behind router i don't control
-will try to setup openvpn behind tor
-will try to setup pi-hole

installing, and configuring things on Freedombox

will blog about it when I'm finished to help other newbs.

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tumblr acquired by newgrounds for $20 itunes store credit

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Pinafore v1.13.0 

privoxy vs. pi-hole.

configuring each client as a proxy is a pain in the ass, i think i'll install pihole on freedombox.

stupid question, but i haven't been back to Canada in 10 years.

Can you deposit money into Canadian ATMs?

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If we get rid of capitalism, will the delivery person care enough to actually leave my packages

#freedombox help 

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Huawei launches Deepin #Linux powered laptops 

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#Readlebee's goal is to keep only community interactions and reviews in its database and just pull book information from external sources. Currently, it's using @inventaire 's API as its source for book information.

Since there's a lot that still needs to be set up before coding contributions can be really helpful to the project, one great way to contribute to the project is to actually help clean up and expand #Inventaire's database!

See this page to learn how:

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