ok 1 hour was enough social media this month. see you in July!!!

time to read a new book,

Taiwan's Imagined Geography: Chinese Colonial Travel Writing and Pictures, 1683-1895.

have a good one folks.

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**Taiwan recall vote stirs acrimony, brings new problems for KMT**

"A recall vote for a high-profile mayor is stirring political acrimony in Taiwan, with accusations of voter intimidation and official interference, and could bring new problems for the main opposition party, already reeling from los…"


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number of times british/canadians have burned down the white house: 1

number of times americans have burned down the white house: 0

listen all i'm saying is we're not #1...

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**U.S. lawmakers to unveil bill banning investment in firms tied to China's military: document**

"A group of Republican lawmakers plans to unveil legislation this week to keep Americans from investing in foreign defense companies with ties to China's militar…"


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only major hole in my freedom/privacy right now is my phone and google photos.

phone - waiting for PinePhone to get better, or might just have to buy a cheap samsung phone and run lineageOS on it.

google photos - maybe photo prism?

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photo prism looks cool. more lightweight than Own Photos. looks like a good alternative to Google Photos.

anybody try it out yet?



China has many international political prisoners....

Lee Ming-Che from Taiwan.
2 business men from Canada.
China knows they can get away with it.

"Beyond Hong Kong, an Emboldened Xi Jinping Pushes the Boundaries"

HK, Taiwan, border with India, lies about COVID-19...gosh where to begin.

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"Seven of the top ten companies by market capitalization are tech companies. Seven out of ten are using data that they take from us, without our consent, to create their products. That is part of our labor power: those products are made with our emotional labor, our mental labor. Privacy is a way to reclaim our labor power." -- @flexlibris


monthly check in time...let see what's happening

my YunoHost server so solid.

uptime: 169 days!

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Don't let them gaslight you (pun partially intended). More CO2 emissions still come from burning coal than from any other source. And as long as industries insist on burning coal for energy and other purposes, that will be the biggest thing humanity needs to collectively change. Not whether or not you personally decide to ride a bike to work.

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it's funny how shithole countries have less deaths than america in this corona virus.

man that president should inject himself with clorox already.

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Over 4 billion people are in lockdown right now, because of the pandemic. That's over half the population of Earth. In a way, this is a big experiment to see if we, as individuals, can make a significant difference to the CO2 levels in Earth's atmosphere.

Turns out, not really. CO2 emissions fell by up to 20% over the past month, but the real problem is systemic. It's industries and corporations who need to make the changes which will make any real difference.


Nextcloud + FORTINET firewall 

any idea how to work around it?

i can't sync with Nextcloud at work. when connecting it says wrong certificate, and shows a fortinet certificate.

Taiwan Soft Power++, thanks to virus 

basically there is 1,000,000 fold more chatter now about Taiwan. all of it is positive, except for some bleating glass hearted people in China. don't believe any numbers coming out of China people - # of infections, GDP, all fake.

Global Health Security: A Call for Taiwan’s Inclusion

Taiwan’s minister of health makes the case for the country’s inclusion in the WHO.


that's enough links for this month.

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