See you on Monday!

This weekend I'll be reading: Under A Yellow Sun, Freedom or Death, and Tales from Earthsea

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hate it when people post some interesting content but it's behind a link shortener

i never boost that junk

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@tootbrute Yes, I totally agree. We should be teaching ethics around the use of all tech, starting with the questions "Should we even do this?" & "What are the larger implications that this technology will have on society, culture, etc?"

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Gargron: delete your Twitter today

Also Gargron: follow @MastodonProject on Twitter

be thankful you aren't a teacher in Taiwan. 20-22 week long semesters. kill me.

why won't this semester end already????

5 more weeks!

i learn geography through historical fiction...

Half of a Yellow Sun
so i'm learning about Nigeria and Biafra.

debian wifi miraculously works

i forgot that macbook pro 2010 wifi adapter needs you to boot up, suspend sys, then wake up sys to wake up wifi.

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Been thinking about ethics and technology (especially with AI) and how ethics could be better taught in schools. Starting with the idea of singularity. Currently reading this manifesto by Joichi Ito. Great quote here:

how to tell parents that some kids, no matter how much they study, just won't ever get 100% on the English test?

constantly dancing around the issue.

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If I didn't have a job? If I didn't work? No need for a car. Audio books and gardening all day. Visiting neighbors for the fuck of it. Feeding stray cats. Just makin hecka art for the fuck of it. Givin it away because I have everything I need.

bendy phones? i care as much about bendy phones as bendy bananas.

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5G speed. meh.

who cares about speed? companies should now work on usability, and privacy of their phones.

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Not my field question: if I wanted to read about political critiques/social implications of military contractors like Lockheed Martin, what academic books, scholars, or journals should I be reading?

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Well, its no crazy this phenomenon if we think about that the first person under company surveillance is the employee himself

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