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fedi antiblackness & antisemitism, sarcasm 

And "having" politics is such a miserable joke because so often it comes to saying the right things, knowing the buzzwords, and is not rooted in how the person actually treats others, or how they understand the role of history and social context in their lives. It's just words, used highly selectively and in self-serving ways. Relently harassed Black people in your space, comparing them to animals and calling them eugenicists? It's fine, because they're privileged collaborators (echoes of uppity, city slickers, carpetbaggers) and not a saintly Good Leftist like you. You were antisemitic as hell? Everyone knows Jewish people are the TRUE colonizers and uber white. Asking you to be accountable is bigotry though, because you're disabled, queer, and/or a POC and therefore any criticism of you is automatically bigotry 😣

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The old motives of profit and self-interest will cease to dominate economic life. Instead the incentive will be the good of the members of society, without distinction.
-- George Woodcock

#anarchism #quote #bot

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♻️ HK internet freedom under assault from HKNatSecLaw…


Hong Kong’s internet service providers will have no choice but to help police with national security requests now that officers have been given “unfettered” power, analysts say, warning that online privacy and freedom could be under threat.

Under the new national security law Beijing has imposed on Hong Kong, police no longer have to seek court orders before requiring internet users or “relevant service providers”– believed to cover social media platforms and also firms – to remove information or help with an investigation.

#HongKong #SecurityLaw #PoliceState #Privacy #Surveillance #China
Hong Kong national security law puts Facebook, Twitter under pressure

wonder if any more expats on here?

or zhende Taiwanren?

living in Taiwan makes me feel pretty disconnected from what's happening in the rest of the world atm...

but with this virus raging over the Earth...i guess that's a good thing.

I've only been on LineageOS for a few weeks. I'm still trying to see if I should roll the dice and do full-disk encryption or will that break things.

thread on XDA developers:

anybody have insight into FDE on custom ROMs?

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I am liking LineageOS but the whole custom ROM scene is so fragmented.

"Let's develop this OS on hundreds of different phones that become obsolete in 2 years, and then start all over again"

I think the Pinephone/Linux phone community is much more sustainable for the long term.

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"We have recently released open source speech recognition library #Vosk 9 for Android ... It doesn’t require internet connection and Google services ... Supports 9 languages - English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese. More to come."


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"Freedom in China is not simple. To empower those that seek it, you need many tools, from a global toolbox... We need the diverse, deeply researched, audited, & open-source brain trust that OTF has been nurturing and building for this last decade to win."

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Governments are not going to save you from corporations.

Corporations are not going to liberate you from government interference.

so sad i had to buy an ASUS phone and run LineageOS on it, instead of my real dream....buying a Pinephone.

The moment camera is working on UBPorts, i'm there!

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USpol, Protests, Police and Fascist Violence, Abuse, Social media Meta 

Psst, there is still BLM protests going on. People are still being arrested. People are still being hurt. people are still being killed. Cops are still giving charm offensives. Cops are still protecting the fascists who are shooting us. People are protesting rent as part of the BLM because Black and Brown people are more likely to be evicted. But yes. Lets focus on interpersonal drama.

well i'm back on today for a bit...or maybe whole weekend. let's see how i feel.

lots of stuff happening right now in my life...

ok 1 hour was enough social media this month. see you in July!!!

time to read a new book,

Taiwan's Imagined Geography: Chinese Colonial Travel Writing and Pictures, 1683-1895.

have a good one folks.

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**Taiwan recall vote stirs acrimony, brings new problems for KMT**

"A recall vote for a high-profile mayor is stirring political acrimony in Taiwan, with accusations of voter intimidation and official interference, and could bring new problems for the main opposition party, already reeling from los…"

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number of times british/canadians have burned down the white house: 1

number of times americans have burned down the white house: 0

listen all i'm saying is we're not #1...

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**U.S. lawmakers to unveil bill banning investment in firms tied to China's military: document**

"A group of Republican lawmakers plans to unveil legislation this week to keep Americans from investing in foreign defense companies with ties to China's militar…"

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only major hole in my freedom/privacy right now is my phone and google photos.

phone - waiting for PinePhone to get better, or might just have to buy a cheap samsung phone and run lineageOS on it.

google photos - maybe photo prism?

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