I'm trying to take more control of my data (i.e. stop using Google for everything), so I'm trying to figure out what to do.

Does anyone know of a checklist or an extensive guide to self-hosting and related things?

I've looked into a few services but it's confusing, there are so many things out there. Does anyone use NextCloud?

@mprv yes I use Nextcloud on my Yunohost. What do you want to know?

I suggest looking into Yunohost or Freedombox if you have an extra computer around.

Self hosting you can: use webdav to replace Google calendar and contacts, use Nextcloud to get rid of Google Drive, SearX to aggregate searching, pi-hole to block ads. You can easily install the aforementioned things using Yunohost scripts or install stuff yourself if your handy with Debian.

@mprv for email you can host your own, but seems a lot of work for little payoff. Probably easier to just use Protonmail or Tutanota.

I have a ProtonMail account, I wouldn't self-host email because I think that would be less reliable (for now) than the service offered by a company.
Thank you for your suggestion. Have you tried any of the other "privacy aware" email providers like tutanota and fastmail?

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@mprv tried Tutanota as well. For me I don't user email much so I don't care that much about it. Both seem pretty similar.

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