Google's way of downplaying an open calendar file standard, in order to give their own proprietary, non-interoperable calendar SaaS an edge: call it "Apple calendar":

At this point, people must think there are really only 3 options for anything regarding personal computing: Google, Microsoft, or Apple. Pick your poison.

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@raucao calendars and contacts are such a mess.

even with using DavDroid.

@tootbrute Yes. But mostly because Google and Microsoft don't want native support for CalDAV and CardDAV. Apple merely offers great clients that can operate on these open standards by design.

@raucao @tootbrute merely? From my experience, their support for CalDav is pretty the best I’ve ever tried, it started working instantly when I tried to add a poster calendar service

Things gets harder when you want to sync contacts although... You cannot simply add a CardDav (am I right about contacts sync standard?) sync on iPhone 😑

@alexcleac @tootbrute It's the best, because they invented it and are using it in-house with OSX servers (at least they did for the longest time). And you can also simply add CardDAV accounts on iOS.

@raucao @tootbrute To be fair I'm pretty sure that's only because Apple got into the SaaS game too late and never made much inroads into the server space.

@freakazoid @tootbrute Yup, and they were also fighting an uphill battle against Microsoft Exchange and Windows Server in general. Im not saying its because Apple is morally superior to other corporations.

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