Nevermind! I found it:
Ignorable original message:
Yunohost looks really interesting to me. One thing I can't tell from their website is how it handles domain names, i.e. finding a way from the internet through my router to the computer at home that would have the Yunohost box.
Is it just so easy that they barely need to mention it? Or out of scope for the project?

@priryo oh how to do your OWN domain name.

yes that's with the link.

if you want just a NAME.nohost.me one, you get one automatically in the Yunohost setup.

@tootbrute thank you very much for sharing your experiences!

@freedomboxfndn thank you for being open to criticism.

also though i am not a huge fan of freedombox atm, you are helping increase awareness of self-hosting.

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