Is Carnet slow on your Android, if it is, can you give more info on what is slow exactly ?

Actions, android version, phone specifications, sync on nextcloud/owncloud(via nextcloud app or directly within carnet)


are you paid from google to say it is slow ? 😱


@Carnet i installed Carnet on my Yunohost Nextcloud. I tried using it in the web browser and it was so slow i gave up and uninstalled it before even trying the app.

I went back to Nextcloud Notes app which is super fast.

Yep on browser it can be slow depending on the server because it has to load a second page when loading a note, when did you try it ?

@Carnet yunohost (debian) running on Lenovo IdeaCenter 2015 model.

i don't need many features so I switched to Notes.

@tootbrute ok, but seems powerful enough to run carnet, do you remember how long it took to load a note ?

@Carnet @tootbrute

I might be able to help.

Here are the two network requests fetching two separate notes.

1st one contains nothing but a single line of text. It took 1.5 seconds.

2nd one contains an image snapped from my phone via the app. It took 3 seconds.

@r3bl yep because on nextcloud side a zip has to be extracted because of a problem on android @tootbrute

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