The Road to Digital Self-Sufficiency

My journey in the attempt to self-host the services I use.

@tootbrute Self hosting is a good start.
You now have to use a linux phone like the PinePhone 😉

#selfhosting #pinephone

@drpi yup on my list, as well as the pine book pro!

For messaging, have you considered the Synapse package with Yunohost?

@jump_spider no because I'm lazy.

i don't want to spend every waking hour working on this stuff. i need time for wife, kids, reading, blogging, and other fun stuff.

i don't hate signal that much atm. i just wish they didn't use phone numbers as ID numbers. i don't want to give strangers my phone number to chat with them.

@jump_spider also also no guarantee my wife likes the app that uses synapse, whatever app that is.

if it does video chat well though, i could think about doing it in the future....

Sorry for implying you're somehow lackadaisical or slacking about this! I'm just a fan of the Matrix project, of which Synapse is a server reference implementation. I personally think of the Matrix protocol as the logical successor of jabber, irc, and even modern messengers.

It does use webrtc for video chat tho, fwiw!

@jump_spider no no.

i just try to go the most efficient path. for me running yunohost, metronome is already installed and running...i'd need to shut all that down, install synapse, and then see if it works.

not high priority at the moment. looks neat.

@tootbrute Re credible alternative to Google Photos, check out : I’ve used it for years and have been very happy with it.

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