My wife thinks I'm out with a girl. I had to take a selfie with @codewiz to prove I wasn't. Then she looks at the photo and says "he doesn't look Italian" lol

FYI good beer at mikkeler at zhongshan MRT.

A small soldier event at the kids hotel I'm staying at. They give kids camo to dress up in and they have an obstacle course setup in the back. Also a slide playground thing with a cam net on it 😂

Starting to get Arabic ads on my Xiaomi phone now. I think my pi-hole, and Firefox with Privacy Badger, ublock origin are throwing them off the scent.


Went to Taiuan-e-tiam book store and treated myself to a new book.

Found this book in the exhibition, Design Our World Gendered Innovations Exhibition. It's about why women are missing in history books: scientists, engineers, doctors, and designers.

Looks like you can join Forgotten Books and get epubs or buy nice hard cover reprints like this.

These cute, little figurines were on the light switch at Nest cafe.

Having a Sicilian coffee at Nest cafe with a bit of lemon cake. Reading a book and enjoying some quiet time.

Happy birthday to me 🎉🎂🎈

Was blessed to find many books from my to-read list at the used bookstore today. It must be my early birthday present from the God's.

Ugh. All Xiaomi apps are like this.

These are permissions it wants to open the Xiaomi video app.


dns records,, yunohost Show more

My new book arrived!!!! Early birthday present for me.

This book is about the near future where rich people can afford to walk around with air purifier helmets but the poor can't and other stuff. Sounds like a fun YA novel.

We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families

Does everyone get updates stalling forever on Fdroid?

The only way I get updates is if I click each app individually and download, then click update

So it seems every place name comes from the white people who visit?

Canada from Kanata, Aboriginal word for village

, word for fresh water? According to this graphic novel

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