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I've read "Becoming" by Michelle #Obama.

It is a highly entertaining, straightforward autobiography. Her writing style is very vivid and allowed me to fell with her along the way, often laughing out physically while reading. And, obviously, the Obama's story is plenty interesting.


two very large short-story collections

* Broken Stars: Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in Translation by Ken Liu

* Worlds Seen in Passing: Ten Years of Short Fiction
by Irene Gallo (Editor)

Mastodon memory leak?

if i leave mastodon open for a long time, after awhile my typing here becomes VERY VERY slow. i have other windows open in firefox too but this is only one that experiences this slowdown.

is this a feature? to make us turn off masto for a bit?

//sys: debian/kde plama, firefox esr

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I knew the Epic Games Store would eventually formalize a "no porn games" policy, which is why you should support sites like

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On CBS News this morning: “A one-sided fight with a dead man on Twitter would seem to have little upside for the leader of the free world.”

it's very satisfying to click the send button on my self-hosted WriteFreely blog and then see it post on Mastodon automagically!

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@sikkdays @algernon

I'm looking into this too. According to an interview with the lead dev ( they wipe and reload searx every million searches, and this is the only data they track.

Might try to selfhost...

Explained the diff between house and home to my students today.

You learn so much about your native language when you teach it.

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