Hi y'all, new here! 👋 I'm Tori & I'm currently studying law. In particular, I study , , and . I studied and in undergrad.

I love all things , history, law and equity, and other general humanities studies. I also love and I love researching and . , , and .

Basically, I have a lot of interests! Nice to meet you! :BlobCatHeart:

@tortacular Hi Tori!! Welcome 🥳 It's great to know someone involved in law things I believe its a super important topic and there's a lack of knowladge arround here. Good to have you on board 😁

@redking thank you so much!! Law is far too exclusive of a field and the information must be disseminated. that's what I love doing! nice to meet you!

@tortacular Hello! Your research topics sound interesting. Nice to meet you.

@edg hi, thank you so much! it is nice to meet you as well; it is always nice to meet fellow writers :)

@tortacular Hi Tori, following as we share a lot of similar interests.

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