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I don't normally say when I've donated to people or causes on here, but today I am, in the hope that it encourages other white people to do the same. I gave to minnesotafreedomfund.org/ , unicornriot.ninja/donate/ and gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd amongst others. I can only give small amounts but if enough of us WP give a small amount...
Next am going to look for UK orgs to donate to, because the situation for Black & PoC here is terrible too. #blacklivesmatter

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Important thing for all who can see this.

If someone confronts you on your racism or sexism... that means that they like you enough and trust you enough to hear and listen.

If they didn't think you were redeemable, if they didn't think you were worth it, they would roll their eyes and just avoid you. Block on sight, shut down in conversation.

If we confront you about it, no matter how bruskly it may seem. It means that we legitimately think you are better.

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Just watched #TheGreatHack on #Netflix. What I appreciated about this #documentary on #Facebook and the whole #CambridgeAnalytica scandal, is that it's one of the few #privacy #documentaries to get that protecting personal data isn't just about not seeing personalized ads for stuff you're more likely to want. It's about protecting ourselves from mass psychological manipulation and behavior modification techniques. These are techniques that actually work *best* when people believe they don't.

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Ladies, if he:

- Never responds to your texts
- Travels for years ignoring everyone
- Is tiny
- Literally goes right through you
- Changes flavour by oscillation

He's not your man. He's a

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environmental catastrophe, - 

We aren't going to survive if we can't eliminate disposable culture. Eliminating disposable culture will probably require regulation, but I can't see how we can make it happen since corporations don't want it, and corporations pay for political campaigns, and individuals don't want it (see outcry to straw bans, which was just a drop in the bucket of what we'll need to do to survive as a species), and individuals are the ones voting

hard to see how we'll survive

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Hey just a reminder:
1. You're exceptional
2. Multiple people have noted they appreciate what you do
3. Yes, I'm talking about YOU

#implicitworth #youregreat

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Hello everyone. I'm a future teacher of Physics and Chemistry in , . I'm expecting to meet some people to exchange tips and info.

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petition to start using the word "meatspace" instead of irl, in both online and meatspace contexts

Hi All - I'm a PhD student in studying how water use/efficiency affects water quality using models and . I love learning, and I feel like I'm getting to study how learning works.

I'm also interested in , , , , , opensource, and just trying to make life more pleasant for everyone.

I've been off social media for long enough that I feel pretty lost/don't have any manners yet, so... please give me tips!

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