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Jimi Hendrix Arrives in London in 1966, Asks to Get Onstage with Cream, and Blows Eric Clapton Away.

"You Never Told Me He Was That F-ing Good" openculture.com/?p=1061425 t.co/HWklsUlt5D

Printing at the university. So regressive +

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The Pentagon has released an unclassified version of its AI strategy, calling for rapid adoption of AI in all aspects of the US military. Google, Oracle, IBM & SAP have signaled interest in working on future Defense Department AI projects. wired.com/story/pentagon-doubl #AIisHardPower

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MacGyver statt Cyber! Wir haben gerade den Schalter umgelegt und unser neues Rundenthema veröffentlicht: Ab sofort und noch bis zum 31. März könnt ihr uns eure Open Source-Software-Ideen zum Thema *"Commit-System erneuern"* schicken: prototypefund.de #prototypeworks

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a mastodon instance for people who like to zoom

Artistic research project Show more

Artistic research project Show more

Bing blocked in China? Who cares ?! Office 365 broken on the whole campus. How much do we pay for this intern summer project shit anyway

@dbs hey dan, did you try out dokie.li already? :python: is my weapon to build a open citizen science platform (social, not just crowd sourcing) in the coming years and then (hopefully ) extend it to help crushing pfd and federated science.

@ErikaAlpert oh btw. Online Dating. You might find this art project that I did recently with jana moll. datadating.tacticaltech.org

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@uma as a controversial opinion: i kind feel like part of this is due to the way social media is designed and thus experienced. mastodon feels special and nice b/c it's small - smallness is actually a critical part of the process, i think. most social media is simply too big, and designed to grow (sometimes without regard for it's users!)

Yes! Erotic furry drawings make it also into the scholar fed-timeline. :MagicWand:

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