@dbs hey dan, did you try out already? :python: is my weapon to build a open citizen science platform (social, not just crowd sourcing) in the coming years and then (hopefully ) extend it to help crushing pfd and federated science.

@transflux Oh I attended a workshop that led at SWIB17! He's 100% right, it's a compelling story, and I can put (most of) the pieces together, but there's a significant barrier for non-tech folk to be able to adopt it. I hope it gets further investments in usability & ease of deployment!

@dbs agree on both things. Even I,being able to look at the code, found it hard/impossible to use. I also looked into if I could change or replace the ui, but the code doesn't separate ui and logic so well. And then solid... we can all hope they invest this extra time. I wouldn't recommend it to my non tech colleagues before :BlobCat:

@transflux @dbs
Did you make it work in the end? It is still on my to-do-to-try list.
(As an impatient member of the public, I tried once and did not touch it again since.)

@jeary @dbs it's easy to embedd a into a page, just the js file and all css files. I could also log in with a WebID on my server but in order to be social you need storage on solid pod. That's where it ended with inruppt, which is still quite bad (at least the frontend).
I also tried to port a md file into but the markdown editor is completely Borken. Everything falls apart when u insert some kind of headers. :psyduck:

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