@vickysteeves haha. German food. They don't really have anything special in berlin. Currywurst maybe (not really a stylish dish tho). They are great(or goodish) in importing international food :).
But German (more southern) would be "Speisehaus" (in lovely Friedrichshain).
Also Punk Rock style burger restaurants have good burgers.

@vickysteeves @remram44 Berlin is not Biergarten city. .that's Munich and the south

@caha42 Erforschung von community building in helmholtz. Ihr immer mit euren moonshots. :BlobCatPats:

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a mastodon instance for emergency medical technicians who like spiritual watching television

e-waste pollution in Ghana 

@mplouffe sure. And I haven't given any refs neither. However looking at this case. EWASTE?! Funding research in a developing country?. Bill gates wishes us to shit out ewaste, he did it for quite a while. It's investment. He is building up tech research under his dependence.
Colonialism 2.0. Still cheap labour / resource extraction. Holding up world Bank plots of things are getting better :ThisIsFine:

e-waste pollution in Ghana 

@mplouffe stop it, Bill Gates is not a philanthropist! Don't get blinded by a few headlines he sprinkles out

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Reversed ethics. My response to your ethical concerns and doubts, is to just go crazier 

I'm in the :amiga: :loading: Mekka of apes and with producing more and wilder mutations it seems just a matter of time something very detrimental breaks out.

Rest of the world can we stop importing apes from China? :oh_no: :orang: :csgo:

@VictorVenema @chpietsch mit uBlock und PrivacyBagder solltest du auf der sicheren Seite sein. Aber Google analytics automatisch vom webhoster wäre sehr strange. Das ist an einen Gmail account gebunden- oder sows in der Art (benutze es selbst nicht :BlobCatGooglyShrug: )

@solnascente_eu I have a colleague (doing her PhD) ecosystems and social media relations.. I can put u in touch. ..

Domain block; Eunomia 

@socrates since its a h2020 project the ethical review will come from brussels

@kattascha und clickbaits für das "das beste NEW WORK STARTUP". + vielleicht sogar n ted Talk. Das beste: Keiner fragt wie die betroffenen Mitarbeiter diese promo-aktion das eigentlich finden

@solnascente_eu was the original post removed? So nice to see that. It relates to the research I'm involved in, where we collect, study local indicators of climate change impacts. I'll develop a citizen science / social platform for that. Nice to see someone uses social media to just report that.

@eleanorkonik there is something called Xwiki, it's open source but there is still a company behind it. But their focus is more on "structured" data... anyway. Maybe it's interesting

@eleanorkonik I certainly believe that. Never tried wiki thoroughly myself. Other languages docs are then even probably more awkward or non existent. I'll have a friend who started to work as a designer for them... ;) .

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