Looking for a transmasc reader 

Would anyone who's taken T be willing to read a short story (about 3000 words) to help me not say anything stupid?

The story isn't about the character's transition, but he is a teen dealing with family issues and being trans is just part of that whole thing. I don't want to have gotten it so wrong that it throws the reader out of the story.

CW for the story: drug OD, religion. Not graphic, it's a very sweet story about growing love between brothers. Thank you!!


Looking for a transmasc reader 

@compostablespork I might have time for this if needed. I've taken T for about 4.5 years if it's relevant.

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Looking for a transmasc reader 

@transphysicist That would be amazing, if you're willing! Let me know how to get it to you - is email ok?

Zero obligation, I know what a pain it can be to read someone else's work. If you start it and feel like it just isn't for you or sucks too much to continue, let me know & no hard feelings. (Obviously the more you can point to to say where it went off the rails, that's helpful!)

It's a little surreal anyway, but I'm hoping the character doesn't feel false.

Looking for a transmasc reader 

@compostablespork Sure! Yeah, I don't want to over-promise because I might get busy and not get around to reading or finishing it. But if I get a chance I will.

Easiest way to send it to me would probably be to put it in a google doc and just send me a link enabling me to read it, if that would be okay.

Looking for a transmasc reader 

@transphysicist Perfect! Also I totally get overpromising, especially when reading someone's stuff. The most relevant parts are on pages 2 & 3, a little on 4, so if you just want to skim to there and quit, that's cool too.

The idea is that this boy's about 17 or 18 and with no family support, has started T on his own - no specifics, just how he thinks about his body, his future. I love him so much and I want to do right by him as an author!


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