Idea: A website that provides a diagram of the relationship between authors, showing who was influenced by who or who wrote about who. The image is just a rough example. I don't think it would have academic validity, but it would be fun.

With every passing month I have at the same time more hair and less hair.

The only monarch I want to see in the 21st century has two sets of wings and pollinates plants like nobody’s business.

One of the sad things in Brazil is every year, more and more, the nature is being set on fire. Amazon, savannah and even wetland. And April is the month that fire starts.

I was wondering: can exotic species of animals disperse native seeds?

Time has strange asymmetries 

Until 26 I felt like I'm 20 years old. After 27 I feel like 34.

I confess that I feel intimidated here, because there are only scholars. Even the bot speaks latin.

Hello everyone. I'm a music student based in Brazil (sadly). Currently I'm researching about post-colonialism in contemporary music. I'm also interested in agroecology.

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