I hope nobody in the world cares about Brazilian news, because our president (and his followers) embarrass us a lot

Possibly interesting conference 

Registration for the Musical Interactions conference (Prague, September 14-17) is now open and can be accessed through the following link:



I made a website on neocities to organize my music, texts, videos and my crowdfunding:


I'll update it often

Asking for support; going to China 

Hello everyone! I'm still trying to earn enough money to go to study in China at the University of the Arts of Nanjing, where I received a full scholarship to do a master's degree. I'm asking for donations because my current income is not enough to pay the tickets and quarantine. My admission notice at the university arrived last week and now all I need is to buy my ticket and go. Here is a website with all details and how to support:


Being a latin american is everyday thinking about colonialism and its sometimes curious consequences in our daily life. For example: that's so strange, I thinking how I have friends in Europe but zero friends from other Latin american countries, despite they are so close

I have no lucky with phones. Maybe because the phones are always too old when they become mine

Brazil is doing the decennial demographic census and I'm working on it visiting all homes in my neighborhood. Sometimes it's fun but the resurgence of conservatism makes it sometimes hard. Anyway it's an exciting job

when I read anthropology books I love parties and rituals. when I'm in a party or ritual (like a wedding) I hate it

I just got sacked with an unexpected bill

Please boost, share and or donate my GFM, pls.

If I could hit 500 in the next couple days I would be really grateful

that doesnt cover it but any bit helps


Transforming commentaries on the Internet into non-intentional non-haikais

My dream last night was about a weird dad and his baby son. The kid wrote senseless things on the wall and the father created diagrams with this and used to teach things about life to the boy.

Intellectuals (teachers, professors, scientists, artists) are working class. This is not always obvious or enough highlighted.

Don't let me to forget watching summer school presentations

Last night I had a dream about bisons on the streets of my town

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