Recently I'm contributing to Wikipedia and now I notice Wikipedia is actually a genial thing. It's not good for serious research, but it's gorgeous for the purposes of an encyclopedia.

Art people of Mastodon: any recommendations for books or other resources on learning color theory? Boosts extremely welcome

After a party I always wonder about the meaning of life

I think my parents don't have enough variety of interests in life: work, drinking beer, watching soap series, eating and reforming the house. This is so little, but I don't know how to show them new interesting hobbies and they seems satisfied already.

It's very hard to convince my parents to eat healthy food.

I feel like I'm finally starting to become a researcher

então usá-lo na merenda da escola talvez soasse como uma espécie de descaso mesmo pra quem sabe muito bem o que é fubá suado. o verdadeiro desconcerto é que isso me deu uma ideia, enquanto nativo, de quanto os antropólogos podem errar.

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o meu desconcerto foi porque ficou evidente que ele não conhecia tão bem assim o significado social do fubá suado: apesar de ser uma comida tradicional (que eu por exemplo gosto muito), normalmente ela tem mesmo um significado de pobreza, é a coisa que se come quando não tem dinheiro pra comer pão ou algo melhor.

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uma vez eu estava assistindo a palestra de um professor e em certo momento ele começou a descrever o que é fubá suado, como se o público não fizesse ideia do que era (e provavelmente muitos não conheciam mesmo). eu, que sempre comi fubá suado, fiquei meio desconcertado com o tom antropológico com que ele fez a descrição. principalmente porque ele tava defendendo o fubá suado contra críticas que foram feitas a uma escola por usá-lo na merenda.

The reason I am critical of early technology movements, the cyberspace movement, etc, is not because I think these ideals are worthless and should be discarded. On the contrary, they contain something incredibly important.

These rebellious and liberatory technology movements contain the seed for both mastodons and unregulatable facebooks. Free speech absolutism contains the seed for both EFF defending activist movements and 4chan/8chan wreaking abuse and violence on civil society. The cybernetic turn contains the seed for transitory humanity and surveillance capitalism. Free software contains the seed for self-empowerment and BDFLs and user-hostile design.

It is easy to say, "well it was just co-opted by money and power," but I think these movements always contained these multitudes within their foundational principles. As Stafford Beer said, "The purpose of a system is what it does."

Maybe they are either missing something that should be there, or mixed with something that shouldn't be there.

In short: We aren't done yet. We can't look at the world around us, influenced at it is by technology and the Internet, and continue to say "We got it right in the early 90s." We have to continue to envision a better future and not rest on the vision that got us here.

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