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My username @tsoi2lam4 is my Cantonese & part of my legal name romanised in Jyutping, a standard system created by local linguists. It means excitement/diversity and rain after a long draught. Numbers represent tones.

I've always gone by my English name (the other half of my legal given name I've used since birth) even with locals, but I have started to embrace my Canto name after getting together with my partner who's from the States.

Just wanted to put it here in case anybody was curious✨

Cantonese idiom: a spoon of sugar and a spoon of sh*t 

Similar to "a carrot and a stick"; experiencing alternating positive and negative treatment/news/etc.

Exactly how Hong Kong people are feeling now with our athletes achieving so much at the Olympics, and our people being jailed for the national security + investigated for booing the national anthem while watching the games in a mall...

I'm curious, everybody who's fully vaccinated and legally not required to wear a mask anymore. Do you:

I'm doing research on Cantonese texting language, which is a form of casual and non-standardised(?) romanisation of the language.

I have read on Arabic transliteration/chat alphabet, but do speakers of other non-Latin Alphabet languages have similar experience?

Information Literacy Pros and Cons 

- people know how to access information
- more lifelong and self-directed learning
- people are more sensitive to 'logic'
- (some) people do fact-checking
- people have better numerical skills
- more visible diversity(?)

- my parents knows how to find all the fake news
- false info spreads like fire
- even more polarisation because everybody finds their own crowd + echo chamber
- EVERYBODY has a platform

Apparently it’s for . I still remember we’d have winters when I was little but now we only have them when there’s it’s a year of La Niña..

Also pretty upset that they don’t have Hong Kong on the list anywhere so I guess I’ll go for the closest province in China lol

I usually use a Mac with an iPad for WFH, but now that I’m back to reality, I’m using a Windows work desk top.

Any ideas on Windows PC + iPad workflow?

Linguists in conferences: read aloud sample sentences in various languages to show off

Any recommendations for productivity/writing/research software for surviving a research assistant job?

UBC is opening up access to their Himalayan language introductory courses on Nepali and Tibetan!

Any study buddies?!

political correctness(?) in Chinese societies 

A really old professor referred to Taiwan as "Taiwan Island" and used indigenous Taiwanese people (NOT Chinese people at all) as an example of ancient Chinese anthropology...... I cannot be more triggered. I hope I wasn't the only one

Any tips on shortening a thesis for journal publication? What do I do with the lengthy literature review?

"Losing the bottom" - Another way to bail on somebody in Cantonese #cantowithsharon 

Another similar expression is "losing the bottom / 甩底 / lat1 dai2".

Cantonese people often use clay pots for cooking, and while they are generally sturdy, they can be brittle. A small crack would easily cause the bottom of the pot to detach, spilling all the contents from the pot. This unreliability is used to describe people who doesn't do what they promised to do (i.e. bailing on sb).

"Flying an airplane" - Bailing on somebody in Cantonese #cantowithsharon 

Expressions and idioms often draw from shared experiences and other cultural anecdotes. Here's one from Cantonese.

"Flying an airplane / fong3 fei1 gei1 / 放飛機" A few decades ago, there was supposed to be an exciting airplane show above Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour. There was lots of anticipation, before the whole thing went MIA, resulting in this expression.

Thinking about doing a thread/series on Cantonese facts and interesting local expressions. Could also include some general linguistic facts for fun. Mmmm. Would be a nice little project on this platform.

Last boost reminds me of the odd students who quit the video call when cold called/when I start an activity with breakout rooms... I’ve also found students who weren’t talking in breakout rooms. Life of a mandatory course teacher😔

american history, new administration 

Sitting here reading about the concessions America made to confederate slavers after THEY lost the war, and feeling mighty concerned about what the new administration might do in the name of appeasing white folks to achieve "unity" or (in common parlance) "heal the nation"

Just came back from an orthodontist appointment and decided to start my Invisalign journey by extracting all four of my wisdom teeth (two at a time, I'm not mad), unfortunately right as the semester is about to start. I'm wondering how bad it would impact my teaching...

I spent the rare relaxing evening watching video essays on characterisation in Breaking Bad and how it brings me back to the good old times in high school literature class☺️

Mental health/illnesses 

While depression, anxiety, bipolar, body dysmorphia, and even personality dissociative disorder are relatively visible in society/media/social media, I don't see borderline personality disorder being discussed a lot.

I've recently started researching on it for my own wellbeing (not self-diagnosing, just trying to learn about the differences from my own anxiety and panic attacks), and would like to know more. Does anybody know about this disorder?

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