Hello friends! I'm an early career linguist and educator teaching academic literacy and researching bilingual phonetics and syntax. I'm currently teaching multimodal communication in the University of Hong Kong, and am looking to apply for doctorate programmes in (applied) linguistics.

I'm going to share my thoughts here, deep or silly, about languages, my teaching, and the world from my perspective💕 And probably my photography and other things I enjoy in life.

See y'all around!

@tsoi2lam4 welcome to Mastodon! the topics you work on seem fascinating, i'm excited to read your toots!

@lexane you're too nice!! thank you and have a nice time :)

@tsoi2lam4 Welcome to the party. I hope you can find a lot of nice people around.

I'm ignorable with only english, but snowdusk has fluent tagalog, which he comes by honestly ;-) , canadian english, japanese and I don't know what all after that!
There are many polyglots here on mastodon who aren't academic linguists. Lots and *lots*! :-)
Also, @northernlights has taught russian and maybe some other slavic languages.
And, if you should happen to find yourself in need of a Swedish Hongkonger, @clacke is your man!
@snowdusk @wim_v12e

@gemlog @tsoi2lam4 @clacke @snowdusk @wim_v12e I’ve only *taught* Russian. :-) Not really qualified to teach the others, although at one point in dire need I probably could have managed first year Polish haha (teaching)

@northernlights @tsoi2lam4
A few others and myself follow HK democracy. In my case I mostly get it from
Maybe there is a better one? - not in canto! ;-)

@clacke @snowdusk @wim_v12e

@gemlog @northernlights @clacke @snowdusk @wim_v12e I think HKFP is one of the best! Other media are usually pretty much pro-government/conservative. RTHK is another great one but they're under lots of pressure from the government as a public organisation :( They used to produce outstanding investigative documentaries and news features too, and there are English subtitles if it's in Canto

Thanks! I've now added rthk to my rss feeds at
The login is guest/guest.
No news source is 100% reliable and many are downright shady, so I scan a bunch of them.
@northernlights @clacke @snowdusk @wim_v12e

@tsoi2lam4 @wim_v12e @gemlog @snowdusk @northernlights I like reading Straits Times. A lot of it is just Reuters, but when they do have their own commentary, being outside of Hong Kong they have the opportunity to be neither decidedly pro-gov nor decidedly pro-opposition.

I'm cautious of SCMP, but in the last two years they have often shown themselves to be less pro-gov than I would have expected. Either way it's a good source for getting the overall HK mood.

HKFP is the only place that does the real digging, and I make no secret of being aligned with their editorial direction, but I think it is sometimes so pro-protest that it glosses over some nuance, so I like to mix things up to get a fair perspective.

@clacke @wim_v12e @gemlog @snowdusk @northernlights I agree! Always better to read from different points of view. Same with how to learn about international news :)))

@gemlog @northernlights @clacke @snowdusk @wim_v12e I saw a lot of polyglots communities when choosing an instance!! I would love to study their brains ahaha, especially when we linguists typically know a lot of random details about languages (e.g. Austronesian voice systems and German discourse particles) without being able to speak more than simple sentences. But honestly I'm happy enough to interact with and learn from native speakers of any languages :) Thank you for the warm welcome btw!

@tsoi2lam4 Hello! One of my colleagues works on bilingual grammars, that might be something that also interests you?
My mother tongue is Flemish (Dutch) but I've been living in Scotland for 20 years so meanwhile I dream in English.
I also post every now and then about Japanese language and culture. But mostly I post pictures.
I hope you'll have a great time on fedi.

@gemlog @northernlights @clacke @snowdusk

Hi, @tsoi2lam4 !

I'm no linguist, but I love languages, artificial and natural, and I know a couple. I'm from Sweden originally, but first moved to Hong Kong in 2010 and have been living here for a cumulative 7 years now.

In the last two years I have been writing a lot here about the Hong Kong democracy movement and all the other things that have been happening to our wonderful city, but frankly mostly I write about technical details in programming, and dad jokes.

Life is too important to take seriously. Life is too important to not take seriously. Looking forward to reading your posts, deep and silly!

Thanks, @gemlog !

@clacke Thank you for the warm welcome and for your love for Hong Kong too! See you around :)

@gemlog @tsoi2lam4 @northernlights @clacke @wim_v12e Hello welcome to the Fediverse, Sharon 👏👏 also, I am not a professional linguist 😅 It was however one of my 2 underegrad majors in university (the other was East Asian Studies) Linguistics is a very interesting subject! 👍👍👍 Enjoy your stay in the Fediverse! 🍀

Welcome to the fediverse! I hope you will feel comfortable here!

@tsoi2lam4 Welcome to the fediverse! :D

P.S: Have you ever heard of toki pona? It's differences from the typical language may be of interest to you, and I mention it because there are quite a lot of people who speak it here.

@detondev hello!! I haven't delved too deep into the world on conlang but I love the philosophy behind toki pona. Will do more research into it :D Thank you!!

@tsoi2lam4 Very cool. I'm interested in the language part, because I'm an English speaker who lives in Finland and is finally learning the language here. As I'm sure you're aware, they're NOT related. At all (: Only loan words, which go both ways (Sauna -> English, Televisio -> Finnish. Course I'm not 100% sure Television is completely English... I also enjoy etymologies...)

I'm also interested in people in general, especially folks who are sharing thoughts about their perspective _who have different experiences than I do._ (Apparently this isn't very common, which I also find weird...)

So... hi (: Mind if I follow?

@Truck Finnish is notorious on so many levels - let me know how it goes! Finnish (and the related Uralic languages, Turkish and Hungarian) is often used as examples or in problem set when I was a linguistics student and oh it wasn't our favourite in exams hahaha. I'm very easily amused by etymology so do share with me ones you come across hehe.

Of course not! Looking forward to more discussions :D

@tsoi2lam4 Interesting that Turkish is considered Uralic. I know it's not part of the Finno-Urgic group ... at least what I read is that is comprized of Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, and the varoius Sami languages across the north of the planet.

None of the Turkish folks I know see ANY similarities between them, and the same for the Finns (:

However; "Uralic" would make sense if the languages started in the same general region, and some moved north, and some moved south (:

@Truck You're right, they're more related than being in the same group!! In hindsight Turkish is probably Indo-European haha (I'm a tiny bit rusty now that I don't work with a broad range of languages). I remember how shocked I was when I first learned about how languages that were geographically distant could be so similar in fundamental ways.

@tsoi2lam4 The classic "Finnish is as far from Hungarian as German is from Farsi" bit?

(Which includes that Farsi is written in the opposite direction! So they're... not very close ... but they DO have history together and the relation can be seen/heard/found... they have a similar rythym - much different from Indo-European (: )

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