Why do we capitalise the pronoun "I"?

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@meena @tsoi2lam4 this was my thought when classical Latin and Greek dictionaries always use first person singular present indicative for all verb forms as opposed to the "neutral" uninflected infinitive like most other languages I know.

@tsoi2lam4 that's a question non-natives learning english always ask themselves... but it's taught as a rule not to question "it's just like that", so usually after a while you just get used to it, plus now we have digital auto-correct spell-checker!! Uhmmm this one sounds like yet another ethical issue between language and digital stuff: thank you for sharing the thought :BlobCat: my theory is that it was once written differently and some kids thought it was too long and used the letter "I" juste like some are using "U" instead of "you"

but i honestly don't know 炉\_(銉)_/炉

@tsoi2lam4 Some historians think that the "I" pronoun started to be capitalized to make it more legible.

@tsoi2lam4 As a non-native English speakers, it really bugged me when I started to learn the language as a child.

@tsoi2lam4 Apparently it's because it's a one-letter word. At least there's also a word 'O', which is also capitalised

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