I'm curious, everybody who's fully vaccinated and legally not required to wear a mask anymore. Do you:

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@tsoi2lam4 I wish I could select the second option, but to be honest, it's closer to #3. I used to wear a mask outside all the time, but the heat has made me a little irresponsible.
In my defense, I do put it on when there's actually people around. But in these tiny towns and villages, you usually only occasionally pass someone, so I just turn my head away and figure that probably nothing'll happen. :ms_sweat_smile:

@tsoi2lam4 In Scotland there was never a requirement to wear masks outdoors. I have always worn a mask indoors, on public transport and in crowded places. I am fully vaccinated and still do the same, because even full vaccination is only 80% effective.

@tsoi2lam4 not changing my mask wearing habits (which was always in indoor + crowded indoor/outdoor places) tbh!

I have done fast walks outdoors, in a mask and it is possible but uncomfortable!

@tsoi2lam4 I only have a cloth mask which I have learned reacts badly with my asthma over long periods so I try to keep it on, but I have stopped wearing it partway through long grocery trips and such x.x

I still feel shitty about it though

@tsoi2lam4 I've not worn them as much as I'd prefer. Mostly crowded spaces and sometimes indoors. Being vaccinated helps feel less stressed but yeah. My wife works in public health and keeps telling me to trust in my vaccine, but even she's been a bit alarmed by the delta variants. So yeah, kind of a mixed bag. I don't go out a ton but still, it feels weird not to be wearing masks as often.

@tsoi2lam4 i picked three, but there's another addition: also: if im sick / surrounded by sick people

which hasn't happened in a year
all our friends cancel meetings if they or their kids are sick

@tsoi2lam4 my plan is to keep wearing a mask as directed and when I feel slightly sick.

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