Pals I'm looking for places that publish lefty academic content open to everyone.
I have been in Liberal Currents and The Activist History Review - I'm interested in comparable outlets. Know any?

Requesting help with LaTeX 

Anybody got some smart ideas how to convert the contents of a .tex-file back into formats that are readable by people that do not do LaTeX?

(Other than doing it by hand, i.e. removing stuff like \emp{this} and rewriting every \cite{reference} - especially dreading tables and figures)

What are some of your favorite songs with lyrics in languages other than English?

(Boosts appreciated.)

question about aerogels :BoostOkay: 

My husband sent me the wikipedia article about aerogels, but I'm having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around them. The wikipedia article alludes to more modern aerogels not being so prone to shattering as the silica ones.

I found this article ( which makes me wonder: could aerogels ever be superior to other building materials, like concrete or wood or steel (leaving aside questions of how expensive they are to produce)?

Is your software / script-based research Wellcome Trust funded? They're looking for GitHub links and/or research software paper links - please share!

(Two notes - this is a 🐦 birdsite tweet link, and also my new employer 🎉)

so i am thinking about trying out some tools to help with my phd thesis. so far all i do is read, note quotes, highlight, write on some paper, type on computer. super basic work flow.

i'm thinking mindmup for starters.

any one here have favorite tools they use for writing their doctoral thesis?

Friends, Romans, Citizens - is coming, and we are asking you to sign up for the panels you want to see

We will email you the day before to remind you of the panel that you signed up for, along with the link.

School is going to be in session. Come to class.

Ask for G Suite alternatives 

Anyone has an open-source alternative to (for education)? I try to find it out in search engines and no result found. My ideal would be + integration.

I'm concerned with privacy issues and make G**g** more powerful each time

I'm looking for a platform for a small community that is currently private and on Slack but wishes to grow in a safe and sustainable way.

A Mastodon instance would be perfect - the self-hosted, federated nature would fit just fine. We're looking for something that allows longer-form writing, though. (Not just Masto with a higher character limit, something that allows and has a good display for "blog post" type posts.)

Any ideas/suggestions? :BoostOkay:

anyone know good options for or have experience with closed captioning for zoom or jitsi calls? :BoostOkay:

Get pumped from we have presentations from things as diverse as patent law, poetry, the future of ice on Earth, and a slew of other amazing exciting presentations.

Sign up by July 12 2020

In the meantime, if you are interested in moderating, we will be putting out the ask soon!

grad admissions process 

Are there any *good* grad admissions metrics that don't have significant correlations with race, gender, or socioeconomic status?

The grads in my department want to down-weight or remove parts of our application that are likely to introduce bias or present a large cost burden, but... that's pretty much everything 😬

Scholar Social is hosting , a free online conference

If you would like to be a presenter, please find the link to the sign-up form below

Thanks in advance to everyone!

philosophy books podcast 

Interviews with philosophers about their new books.

New Books in Philosophy:


Why do we have the convention of reporting the length of a book as '[arabic numeral] + [roman numeral]', with the former being front matter like the index? Is there a reason not just to give the total?

philosophy conference 

This symposium with Imogen Dickie and Zoltán Gendler Szabó looks like it will be interesting:

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philosophy conference 

The Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and Mind Association is online this year:

I would have been there.

I need some philosophy recs.

I'm looking for something similar to phenomenology, wittgenstein, eco, beauvoir, foucault, and han.

Any advice for inclusive video calls for people who are hard of hearing or deaf? Currently trying to secure funding for captioning and/or sign interpreters, but would be grateful for boosts, links to useful resources and signing/captioning services too.

Bonus if they have experience with open science domains and concepts, but I'm possibly asking for a bit too much there.

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