All the plastic things glued to my computer to cushion it have fallen off more or less at once.

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Who/what should I be reading if I need to get up to speed on Great Lakes environmental policy and governance?

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Finishing up Ramayana, and I'm curious about Vaishnavist theology reconciling Rama as incarnation with the claim that Brahma's book protects Ravana from the devas. Anyone have any recommendations?

I'd really love recommendations for extremely basic, 101-level, nothing longer than an Oxford Very Short Introduction-size intro to US-Canadian transnational politics. Especially a guide for what USians should know about Canadian political frameworks.

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Can anyone recommend a good guide to citing statutes and regulations for non-lawyers writing for non-legal journals?

**Collaborative and **

We are happy to release our new website "Modern Publishing" to the world:

In our project we conduct research on a socio-technical system that we base on , , , -scholar, and .

We want to find out, how scientific authors write and publish and how they are willing to use tools and workflows that embed values of .

Looking forward to your feedback, if you find the time!

CFP: sessions on teaching at the Eastern meeting of the American Philosophical Association (Jan 2020). Looking for proposals on teaching large classes, creative assignments, and more.

Does anyone have experience with Todoist's Twist?

I'm looking for some communication options for communicating with co-authors on different continents as well as a potential replacement for Skype-based thesis supervision meetings.

Turns out Skype Business is a pain in the ass if students aren't using their university accounts.

Boosts/suggestions very welcome!

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Hi , I could use your help. Can folks point me to work by epidemiologists and/or ethicists on the ethics of epidemiology? Case studies, decision-making processes, theories about morality and public health, anything you think is worth reading in this vein. Thanks!

Any history of math books that folks recommend?

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