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I'm looking for literature (articles, blog posts, books) that covers "succession planning" for IT/sysadmin in activist groups. Like, for a volunteer group, what happens if your IT person just leaves? What are best practices so that the group isn't locked out of their web hosting etc (simply through lack of information rather than malice on the previous IT person's fault)

Which are the things you learned/are learning during your PhD, that you value the most?

I looked at a call for papers today that said that I couldn't submit something that was already published or accepted. Is that standard? I don't recall seeing it made explicit before.

#london fam! if you know ppl who would benefit from our decentralised organising workshops but don't have the means to pay, drop me a line. we have space for a few scholarships

we're doing decision-making on Apr 3 and communication+conflict Apr 6


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It's time to read about hate speech. Any recommendations? Research papers, studies?

Any good resources for working with categorical/ordinal data in :rstats: ? (and in general?)

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What publications/journals do you all tend to get substantial, reliable information about politics beyond the drip-feed of media soundbites?

2 of my favourites are New Left Review

and London Review of Books

Which others do I need to know?

Anyone know any good OER, open ed. resources, for college English comp? I'm pushing for my department to ditch overpriced textbooks & replacing them with free, trustworthy online items.

I wear a watch because I find it useful for keeping track of time in class. I wear that watch, which has to be wound and therefore sometimes lets me down, because it was my grandfather's.

I somehow set my watch an hour behind. There were surprisingly few bad consequences.

Does anyone know of any good histories (or theoretical analyses) of Italian far left politics in the 20th century? Specifically with a focus on terrorism, and the various uses thereof in civil and other conflicts.

I am interested in why (as seems to be the case) the Red Brigades and other organizations like them failed to achieve most, if not all, of their political aims, and acted in (what I now initially judge to be) self-undermining ways.

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Hello World. :msn: I have started studying R on DataCamp and I will also be starting a post graduate course on Statistics in a University. Would anyone have any book recommendations or resources for someone trying to move into Data Science? I have a background in Business Intelligence but interested in Sociology :Boxplot:

Anyone got any favorite resources on early computer and/or internet history? Reading Paul Ceruzzi's work & looking for other avenues.

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