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philosophical progress 

philosophical progress 

I'm editing an open book available publicly available on web & also downloadable in PDF & ebook. I have a question about the accessibility of how I'm doing premises and conclusions for philosophical arguments with ordered lists <ol>. Please see this post (replies here or there welcome!)

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Is there a simple way to find out which shops and ATMs in a particular city, e.g., Dublin, accept UnionPay cards?


Dear internet, does anyone have interesting and practical readings on organizing hybrid (online-offline) conferences and academic events, under a framework of inclusion?

we all seem to agree that it can be used to make "statements" but what are the other potential illocutionary forces of fashion? can you ask questions, make requests, greet, apologize, congratulate? this started as a joke idea in my head but actually now i want to read a full analysis of fashion through the lens of speech act theory

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Is there a 'retraction watch' bot I can follow?

Anyone written or read a Heideggerian ecological criticism of Pinker’s scientism? I think there could be something there.


Desparate plea to the fans on the fediverse for some help remembering a film. All I can remember is a recurring scene where characters keep discovering that parts of landscape have disappeared entirely & mysteriously, leaving behind bare dirt. Ruled out smoke monster in Lost; don't think it's "monsters from the Id" in Forbidden Planet either. Any ideas?

I'm the series editor for a series of for Introduction to Philosophy courses, and we now have two books published (out of nine planned)!

Philosophy of Mind:


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Does anyone have experience producing slides for a course that are genuinely accessible?

I'd like to use PDF slides to show text, equations, images, tables, and plots in support of a mostly traditional lecture. I'd also like to make those slides available to the students as a study aid (I am not following any particular textbook). I would like this material to be as accessible as possible to Blind and Visually Impaired students. Anyone have any advice or experience?

Survey about academic publications 🎓 :BoostOkay: 

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