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Not my field question: if I wanted to read about political critiques/social implications of military contractors like Lockheed Martin, what academic books, scholars, or journals should I be reading?

Does anyone know of any international academic job posting sites or search engines? For me, this would be non-United States-based.

PhilPapers is a great resource. I should do a better job of being an editor. Maybe I need to spend a few days focusing on getting my section in to better shape.


Has anyone tried to include an image gallery/slider in one single presentation slide?

I guess there most be tones of scripts to do that but I have no experience implementing them on a presentation.
Any hint is welcome! 🙂

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What should I read to understand more about Chinese history and politics?

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The developer for the Library Extension project just asked me which screen readers would be best to test the extension with so he can add functionality, but I don't have enough background knowledge of them (or programming) to have that answer. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Do you have some thoughts on what :OpenAccess: to knowledge means? The Wikimedia Foundation is seeking your short films, visual art, poetry, short fiction, & creative essays for an anthology (also there's a prize). Deadline: 30 April 2019 wikimediafoundation.org/2019/0

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Does anyone have some signposts to resources on on Finitism (as in, philosophy of maths) and some discussion of it (besides SEP pages / Parsons)?

A graduate teaching assistant for my course was voted an award by our students. I can't claim any credit but it suggests that they had a good time.

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