What are the best resources for learning Python?


The Philosophy department at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver (where I work) is inviting applications for an Assistant Professor without Review (non-tenure track position) in Ethics: philosophy.ubc.ca/job-opportun

I'm applying for the position of a docent (associate professor for you Americans) and I have to specify the field. If you're a docent, what is your field called?

Best practices for pronoun badges at academic conferences? :BoostOkay: 

I want to have my writing students make wikis this semester. Any recommendations?

I have heard the opinion that Electron is best avoided. Is there something I can read to learn why people think that?

Context: I was recommended this: zettlr.com/

I like a lot of things about it, based on a quick look. Although it's a layer of complication over just using Vim and Pandoc.

My local running shop is called 'Amphibian King'. I'm off to see the Amphibian King.

Are there and/or advocates in these parts? I'm new to Mastodon and would love to connect.

I'm teaching students about online and next week. Are there resources that I should definitely share with them?

Looking for relevant research:

Ride sharing/hailing services just got go-ahead to operate in Vancouver (BC, Canada). It's all over the news.

One thing I haven't heard much about: the potential environmental impact. Are there likely to be more cars on the roads/people choosing this over transit or biking? I expect research has been done on this sort of question...anyone know of any?

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philosophical progress 

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philosophical progress 

I'm editing an open book available publicly available on web & also downloadable in PDF & ebook. I have a question about the accessibility of how I'm doing premises and conclusions for philosophical arguments with ordered lists <ol>. Please see this post (replies here or there welcome!) rebus.community/t/logic-ed-ben

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Is there a simple way to find out which shops and ATMs in a particular city, e.g., Dublin, accept UnionPay cards?


Dear internet, does anyone have interesting and practical readings on organizing hybrid (online-offline) conferences and academic events, under a framework of inclusion?

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