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I will be teaching logic this coming semester and philosophy of language (undergraduate and MA) next semester. I'm very fortunate.

hey does anyone have good resources for teaching yourself simulation in an object-oriented language? C++ much preferred, python gives me hives.

(this is actually unrelated to my R toot earlier I just have a thing that will work best in an object oriented language)

Looking for a time management/logging and project management tool that is accessible/usable. Hoping the interwebs can come up with some recommendations. Thanks much

One of my PhD supervisors is well known for defending a particular view. During my PhD I also worked with someone well known for defending the opposite view. After ten years, and teaching both their work to students, I'm about to submit a paper where I present my own view which draws on both.

I think that I had a good system for taking notes when I was a (grad) student. Now I find that I need to access things that I read longer ago, and make connections among more things. This might be a result of working on projects for longer. I've definitely read advice on note taking for a specific course or paper, but I don't think that I know of any for a life long research project like 'understand how language works'.

You should be using a citation manager, because formatting data according to strict specifications is best handled by computers. But if you are not, you should use Zotero's new service:

I got another nice email. It put me in a good mood all morning. Send nice emails to your lecturers, if you think they're doing a good job.

Trying to find a digital home for my friend. Does anyone know if there's an instance geared around #philosophy? I found one for #academia in general but not really philosophy-specific necessarily.

There are a lot of legitimate complaints about academia, and I don't know whether I will stay in it, but sometimes it's good.

I gave some good essays back to students this morning. Someone asked for further reading on speech acts, and I got a nice email. I feel quite good about how these lectures went.

This review expresses a lot of what I think about philosophical methodology:

(One of its authors supervised my PhD, so maybe that's not shocking.)

Hey! I need some suggestions of bibliography about the creation of English Departments in US/Canada. Any info?

I'm trying to work out how to introduce the semantics/pragmatics distinction to my undergraduate class. I'm thinking of starting with the distinction between lying and misleading, and basing my discussion on Jennifer Saul's 'Lying, Misleading, and What is Said'.

I like it when people toot what they are at the moment.

For work: 'Paul Grice: Philosopher and Linguist' by Siobhan Chapman

For fun: 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' by James Joyce.

Also, and this is a genuine question, I don't know what distinction is being marked with *digital* computer (as opposed to not a computer, or to not a digital computer?), and I was puzzled by the reference to 'digital infinity' as evidence that Chomsky believes the claim about the mind as computer. I remember the phrase 'discrete infinity' from reading Chomsky.

I listened to this interview with the author of One thing that puzzled me is that he claims that Chomsky is both a dualist, like Descartes, and believes that the brain is a computer and the mind is its software.

The cat reacts to my reading metaphysics with loud screaming and attacking my notes.

Also, if something is CC-BY on Flickr, I'm assuming that I have attributed it if I include a link. I hope that's right.

I'm finding it surprisingly difficult to put a CC-BY image on my slides/handouts. When I include PNGs as images through Pandoc they are big and fuzzy, especially on Beamer slides. Neither the EPS or SVG works when making PDFs with Pandoc. (Except that it did work with one slide deck for a reason that I haven't discovered.)

I'm assuming that if I have the text and no image the legal status is the same, so maybe this isn't worth thinking too hard about.