If you're a #LaTeX user/geek, I'm looking for references/discussions explaining why #pdflatex does not generate accessible #PDF out-of-the-box and what's the current status about fixing it. TIA ! #TeXLive

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Since Ubuntu has updated to a new version of Pandoc, I have updated some lua filters that I use.


I took, and sometimes adapted, some from here:


:emacs: question :BoostOkay: 

Is there a way to open part of a file in Emacs?

Say I have a file that's 5000 lines long

Working with it is just unwieldy

All I really need is lines 1-500 or something

Is there a nice way to open a buffer that contains only those lines?

Sexual harassment in philosophy 

There is a statement here that philosophers are signing:



All my problems would go away if I used the default Beamer theme, of course. And there might be a lesson there.

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Without just using Latin Modern. Or changing to a non-free font.

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Does anybody have an example of a Beamer presentation done with the Metropolis theme and set up so that the kind of maths needed for Logic 101 Just Works?

I feel like this is harder than it need to be.


Am I doing this right?

I have a logo as a .png. It's big. It fills my beamer slide when I do `\logo{\includegraphics{logo.png}}`. I want it small, but good quality. So, I used ImageMagick to convert the png to an eps with the density option at 2400. That seems to work, but is it the right way to do it?


I don't understand how images work, really.


medium, GPT-3 

These are questions that I would like to think about. There are underexplored connections to some lines of thought in philosophy of language.


personal site 

I finally added some css to my site.

I never feel confident that I am doing that sort of thing right. I put it off for so long because of that.

Hopefully it's still quick, accessible, and minimal, but a bit more readable.

I reduced the file size of my picture. Hopefully not too much. I read that around 500kb is good.


Alright, since general-purpose instances seem to be closed these days, and smaller-focused instances are flourishing, lets make a list of good instances people on mastodon.social can move to! Places with good moderation, relatively good uptime, open (or fill out an application) and nice communities.

Lets try:
What is the instance
Who is it for

(boosts encouraged)

Links to Twitter/GitHub 


@tmalsburg@twitter.com asks:

"What's the best intro to git for academics who'd are going to use it for collaboratively writing manuscripts, stimuli, experiment scripts, etc. I need something that helps new collaborators get started."

Some cool replies, including:
- rogerdudler.github.io/git-guid
- mozillascience.github.io/WOW-B
- happygitwithr.com/
- abookapart.com/products/git-fo

Any more?


Is there a way to have an 'all' rule that calls all the (non phony) other rules in the file?

I want:

.PHONY: all

all: <...>



To call foo.o and bar.o when I `$ make all`.

I know that I could replace '<...>' with 'foo.o bar.o'; I want a neater way.

covid adjacent academia + 

I have finished a draft of a paper for an online discussion group I have been participating in this summer and autumn. The discussions have been great, and it makes me wonder why we didn't do this before.

online presentation 

I am giving a talk online for the first time in a few weeks. I need to think about how to make it work. So far, I have only done online discussions of written work with a small group, which seems to me to be easier.

Advice and warnings appreciated.

the sound of dice in a backgammon cup

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