The one with the quotation is puzzling. The version I submitted got it right, so I can only assume some strange rule about quotation marks was (mis)applied. I only noticed when I looked at the paper again years later.

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I added an errata page to my site to collect mistakes in my papers:

Ok, GLAM/cultural heritage & adjacent folks: I'm trying to start up a network for those of us interested in data science, and I'd love your thoughts and feedback on what would help and work for you.

Here's a blog post with some initial goals

alc mention 

Last night, a can (of alcohol-free Żywiec) on the balcony froze, and burst with a disturbing bang.

Are you a researcher working with COVID data? I’m running a study about data sharing during pandemics (esp interested in post-first-wave changes) & I’m looking for people who can share info about restrictive data sources and data access challenges.

:BoostOkay: Pls boost to help reach others!

Interested? Here’s a link to more info about the study & signup: covid19-data-sharing-study.git

pandoc filter, logic 

As it's World Logic Day, I will post my pandoc truth table filter again:

I recently learnt how to do multiple substitutions with a regex in a nice way, which brightened my day:

If any of y'all are UK-based or UK-affiliated, and care about research software, come along to the Softwas Sustainability Insititute's fellowship webinar today at 3PM UK:

As well as hearing others speak, I'll talk a little about some of the benefits (financial, network, collaborators) I've gained as a fellow. Come along to hear more and ask any questions!

open access publishing in philosophy 

I believe that dialectica will move to open access:

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This Thursday is UNESCO 3rd World Logic Day and I will be celebrating it with Zalan Gyenis, Máté Szabó, Gergely Székely, Mohamed Khaled Khalifa, István Juhász, Giambattista Formica, and Michele Friend.
Please feel free to join us for an afternoon session of talks on logic! 🌐🎉

#logic #computerscience #science #philosophyofscience #algebra #settheory #WorldLogicDay

open access publishing in philosophy 


* Philosophy, Theory, and Practice in Biology:

open access publishing in philosophy 

* Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy
* Ergo
* Metaphysics
* Semantics and Pragmatics

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open access publishing in philosophy 

A list of open access philosophy journals. It's based on the contributors for that workshop and some I knew about. Additional suggestions welcome. :BoostOkay:

* αnalytica
* Lato Sensu
* Locke Studies
* Philosophers' Imprint

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open access publishing in philosophy 

I think that I will attend this online workshop on open access publishing in philosophy:

I took this picture nearly five years ago in my first office in Dublin.

Looking for a Pixelfed instance to join and share more of my photos in 2019. Any recommendations?

Ideally smallish, friendly and encouraging of mediocre photographers! :BlobCatGoogly:


looking back on 2020, covid, publishing 

I have a plan for next year: I want to study the recent work on reference fixing and the connection between reference and meaning. I have a list of books and papers that I have been collecting for the last year, and it's time to work through it.

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looking back on 2020, covid, publishing 

I think that my working year is ending today. Looking back:

* Surprisingly, I spent the year in England and Poland, not China
* I managed to write, present, and submit a new paper as well as working on several other projects
* I didn't publish as much as I hoped: one book review; everything else is taking a long time in review, or to be put online/in print
* But, I have four papers under review, two that have been accepted, and one commissioned (unwritten)


For work: 'Abstract Objects and the Semantics of Natural Language' by Friederike Moltmann


For fun: 'Waste Tide' by Chen Qiufan (recommended by @Cyborgneticz )


Is there a good/standard handout class?

I found these:


The second is close to what I want. I wonder about the thick coloured lines for printing.

I suppose that I could just set some things myself.


1. redefine \maketitle to take up less space and include an institute
2. add informative headers and footers
3. make sections smaller
4. make margins bigger

2–4 seem easy enough. I find things like 1 tricky to get right.

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