Hello #UCU members, please cast your ballots. Low turnout weakens our position considerably because it makes us look apathetic. It's better to vote no than not to vote. If you're not sure, flip a coin or vote no. If you'd strike, but don't want to do a marking boycott, then that's a legit way to vote!
We got a lot of momentum after last year's strike and of hate to see that fizzle away with unreturned ballots! It's so much better for us to be engaged, strikes or not.

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I'm trying to take more control of my data (i.e. stop using Google for everything), so I'm trying to figure out what to do.

Does anyone know of a checklist or an extensive guide to self-hosting and related things?

I've looked into a few services but it's confusing, there are so many things out there. Does anyone use NextCloud?

Today I said to my students: you shouldn't take advice from philosophers.

The University and College Union is running a survey on casualisation in UK academia:

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Let's say I want a self-hosted collaboration and communication suite (calendar + document editing + file sharing + chat).

Should I go for Nextcloud, Sandstorm or something else?

Help and boosts very appreciated.

I ask this question once a year: Does anyone have recommendations for research journaling apps? I am still waiting for a basic diary application with latex and markdown support.

Pandoc without MathJax supports them as〚 and 〛. When I add the `--mathjax` flag they disappear.

Is there an easy way to get MathJax to give me `\llbracket` and `\rrbracket`?

First day back in the office. teaching starts next week. This afternoon I need to write a lecture about Frege's philosophy of language.

A good start to the year: the centre where I did my PhD is having a 20th anniversary conference to which all former PhDs and postdocs are invited. I haven't been back since my viva five years ago.

This essay got me really interested in David Hume: aeon.co/essays/hume-is-the-ami

How should I explore his philosophy further, especially his moral philosophy? Should I read the man himself or secondary sources? I guess Stanford Encyclopedia is one obvious first source. I have some background in philosophy of science but haven't formally studied philosophy.

so 2 days left before my short session class begins and I wanted to ask a question: if you use a laptop/mac or a tablet/ipad, what are your favorite note-taking apps? I've been using OneNote and while I love it for the organization, exporting it is a MESS sometimes. hell, even printing notes can be a hassle sometimes.

How do folks take reading notes? My current method of lots of notations and marginalia seems like it might not be up to snuff anymore...

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