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I'm a philosopher. I work on philosophy of language, usually on questions that are closely connected to philosophy of language and metaphysics.

I'm most interested now in thinking about what we know when we know a language, and how we come to know it.

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open access publishing in philosophy 

Another open access journal:

Journal of Spinoza Studies

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open access publishing in philosophy 

I believe that dialectica will move to open access:

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open access publishing in philosophy 

* Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy
* Ergo
* Metaphysics
* Semantics and Pragmatics

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open access publishing in philosophy 

A list of open access philosophy journals. It's based on the contributors for that workshop and some I knew about. Additional suggestions welcome. :BoostOkay:

* αnalytica
* Lato Sensu
* Locke Studies
* Philosophers' Imprint

job application 

What should someone say in response to a question like this?

'Please demonstrate your ability to organise your own research activities to deadline, as well as to manage, organise and assess your own teaching contributions.'


On MarkDown editing and management software; cry for help 

Well, is showing some bugs, including backspace not working.
, so far so good. But still gotta learn how to tweak it.

Damn, I miss . But will not fall into temptation.

Help! Anyone?
*sends this toot into the Void's hands, hoping someday I'll get a reply with reading recommendation or tips*
Thanks in advance!

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how would I go about finding publications that have cited a given set of publications?

i.e., I have a few publications and I wonder if there's a nice way to figure out which publications out there have cited _all_ of them.


linux, boots appreciated 

Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to set up a shell script to automatically FTP the updated files to your web server whenever you build a page? Copying and pasting by hand is tedious

If your community/organisation/company is interested, I am keen to give on-line talks about #FrugalComputing, aka Low Carbon and Sustainable Computing.

Example topics are:

Frugal computing
On the need for low-carbon and sustainable computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing.

How to reduce the carbon footprint of your digital lifestyle

Frugal computing: developer perspective
On the need for low-carbon and sustainable computing and what developers can do about it.

But happy to discuss specific topics in this area.

(boosts much appreciated!)


rejected publications 

I am having a particularly hard time with a paper. I have presented it several times and shared drafts with people whose opinions I respect. I’m biased, but I think it’s good. It has been desk rejected several times. And rejected with comments twice. The first set of comments made me make some changes which helped. I then got one of those referees again at the next journal. They repeated the parts of the report that concerned what I hadn’t changed.

grad programs, :boost_requested: 

does anyone have tips for narrowing down or vetting graduate programs, especially in games (both critical and practical flavor), computer science (hci, PLs, pedagogy, "tech ethics"), education, (maybe??) english/lit? or recs for where i should look

especially if i don't want to specialize yet? (i'm leaning towards a masters program for this reason but am not sure how restrictive getting a ma/phd is courseload-wise)

I am collecting journals to follow, now that LinguistList ToCs are not sufficient.

Recommendations for anything that focuses on or frequently platforms discursive approaches to privileged rhetoric and/or identity construction appreciated.

Also urban history and urban geography stuff, and stuff about nationalism, especially if it intersects with the above.

If there are meta resources like LinguistList for related fields like discourse studies, CCS, etc, I'd love to hear.


Hey math/stats Fedi: Does anyone out there know if a historical account has been written of the development of the idea of a population in in the early 20thC?

I've read that it was Fisher who first developed the distinction between a statistic calculated on a sample and the parameters we are trying to estimate in the underlying hypothetical population. But that was an aside, and not in a real work on the history of statistics... :boost_requested:

Media/journalism watchers: do any of you know much about TRT World (, a public broadcasting service from Turkey? I'm seeing competing claims regarding this outlet -- either it's an independent outlet or it's a propaganda arm for Erdoğan.

I've been asked to appear as an expert guest on one of their programs.

Boosts appreciated.

I try to take says off when there are holidays in the place that I happen to be in. So, I will have a long weekend for Majówka.

Software recommendation requested 

I enjoyed using texpander for a while. But now, for some reason, when I insert a snippet it appears in the clipboard rather than being inserted. I also see that it hasn't been updated for a while. Is there something better?


Software recommendation requested 

What's the best way to keep and use clipboard history on Ubuntu?


Things to know about the community you joined 

🍍 We make no space for anti-queer, misogynist or racist hate on Scholar; we don't condone it; we don't "debate" it as if it were "just another idea"

🍍 Scholar is deeply critical of the institutions/hierarchies of academia but also strives to be supportive of the people working within it

🍍 Scholar is a space for you to gush about what you're learning; don't lose your sense of wonder

🍍 Wholesome/sincere is more the culture here than snarky/shitposty

Question for the scholars out there. I am contemplating learning a shorthand system for taking notes faster, as I still take most of my notes on (e-)paper. Does anyone have already learned or tried to learn shorthand? Which system? What's your experience? Any resource recommended?
(Boosts appreciated)

Hey #askfediverse people who use #emacs for academic writing: What are your favourite packages, snippets, transients, hydras and the like? Anything that makes your work with #LaTeX, #BibTeX, #R, #KnitR, and the like easier or more effective? I'd love to hear them.

Boosts appreciated.

And maybe @bgcarlisle knows someone who knows someone...?

#askfedi #academia

:boost_requested: Question: What would be a good instance for hosting semi-pro, news-ish institutional academic accounts here on Fedi? isn't it for good reasons that I totally get; what would be a good home? (Asking for a @TheBJPS and possibly my future self as well, if I want to bring our research center on Mastodon.)

philosophy of language 

As Carston notes in her review of Borg's book, Borg spends a lot more energy responding to criticisms of that view than motivating it.

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philosophy of language 

What I am interested in is that Borg and Carston have roughly the same picture. Both say that when speakers encounter sentences a dedicated language module in the mind represents some syntactic and semantic properties.

The key difference is that Borg insists that the semantic representation is a complete 'proposition' that is either true or false.

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