Does anyone know anything about Publons, the system for getting credit for doing reviews? Is it another rapacious capitalist system for monetizing free labor, or is it ok?

Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

I had a good time. I didn't know Bob Hale personally but it's clear that the people who did admired him greatly.

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Anyone know any good resources that focus on taking a broad view about security and privacy of android devices?

I know about

anything else?


Anybody know of any scholarly journals operating completely, or even just conducting peer review, on Reddit?

Neat map of history of western philosophy in the form of connections of builds on/refutes #heyfeedfox

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We are using Volker Halbach's 'The Logic Manual' for the course. I like it.

His page has resources, and a link to an Italian translation:

Looking for some suggestions, I have issues with both of my arms/hands and cannot type at times. I just moved over to Fedora from Debian and I'm looking for voice rec & control software or other ideas if you have them. Running KDE as my desktop, wouldn't think it would make a difference but who knows. Thanks!

I'm doing my first seminar today: first year students being introduced to syntax and semantics of propositional logic for the first time.

For users:
Convert Screenshots of Equations into LaTeX Instantly With This Nifty Tool

Ok here's a question for the intersection of academia (more specifically, people who study audio) and FLOSS. Does anybody know of a way to create presentations on Linux that allows one to both:

- see presenter's notes
- embed audio


A typesetter changed three of my ’ (right quote) to ′ (prime). They were preceded by ‘ (left quote). 😞

I'm ambivalent about Halloween, and English. I'm not sure whether the former is because of the latter. I don't remember it being a thing when I was growing up. I didn't carve a pumpkin or dress up until I happened to be in Ontario or New Jersey at the time.

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Trying to create homework questions for next semester. Does anyone know some hashtags that are used for grammar police on twitter?

Please boost.

A Book about Women in Philosophy by Women in Philosophy: Help Crowdfund It

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