Does anybody know of a good way to turn an android tablet into a graphics tablet of sorts? The idea is to use my tablet to draw on the whiteboard on my linux PC. Something like but for linux

#sociology I'm looking for accessible (beginner students) documentation about Parson's systemic theory. Does anyone have this?
(cc @marionline)

What's the best way to have a list of papers and get alerted automatically when something cites them? I would be happy if, e.g., Crossref did this.


I literally cannot wait to dig into this!! It's what I've been wanting!

This page for a philosophy paper has a DOI link:

When I click that DOI link I get sent to a site about steroids for bodybuilding. I'm very puzzled.

The DOI link is:



Any recommendations for #FOSS alternatives to To create nice slides and presentations?

Hey all – if you needed to host lecture videos online and freely available for streaming, what would you do? Is there a nice AWS/S3-self-hosted solution around? (I'm comfortable/familiar with the tech needed for whatever.) I'd really rather not put them on YouTube if I don't have to. :BoostOkay:

Today is the day that #bandcamp are giving all their revenue to artists!

Post your favourite albums available on bandcamp

top suggestions for a "How to Online Student 101" guide? 

How can we on scholar help each other during this time?

I know a lot of us are still pressured to produce research, teach, and everything else.
What are some ways that we could use this platform to help each other deal with typical academic nightmares that are now amplified?

linguistics podcast 

Anyone have recommendations for a word processor (ie. can do page layouts, table of contents, multimedia) that can handle large documents well? i.e. ~100 pages

Especially useful if you're being turned to remote meetings/lessons b/c of COVID19, but useful other times, too:

I wrote up a "video call hosting guidelines" doc for my workplace. We use Zoom for calls, and provide tips for how to handle calls from start to finish. It's Creative Commons licenced, so if you'd like to re-use it for your remote lessons/calls/seminar/webinars/lectures, feel free!

Now that we all are going remote, I've started to compile a guide to FOSS tools that could be useful for distance learning (from the "teacher" pow) Feedback & contributions welcome! #freesoftware

How to organise notes - tips? 

Can anybody recommend good poetry / short fiction podcasts? English or Spanish.

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