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Does anyone have experience producing slides for a course that are genuinely accessible?

I'd like to use PDF slides to show text, equations, images, tables, and plots in support of a mostly traditional lecture. I'd also like to make those slides available to the students as a study aid (I am not following any particular textbook). I would like this material to be as accessible as possible to Blind and Visually Impaired students. Anyone have any advice or experience?

Survey about academic publications 🎓 :BoostOkay: 



LaTeX gripe 

Does anybody know of people, groups, projects working on local collaborative knowledge production in contexts of the global south?

LaTeX gripe 

I have read bits of it, and encountered ideas from it, now I am finally planning to read Sperber & Wilson's 'Relevance' properly.

The back cover has an endorsement by Umberto Eco.

Are there any good examples of (how) research proposals (should be written) (preferably in the field of Computer Science) publicly available to read? Or any guides specifically aimed at that?

Is that now something they do for every rejected manuscript, or is there a process going on that I should wait for the end of before submitting the paper somewhere else?

I just had a paper rejected by a Springer journal. The email included this:

'Message from Springer Nature, publisher of Philosophical Studies:

Although your manuscript was not suitable for Philosophical Studies,

Springer Nature is keen to help you find a suitable journal to publish your manuscript from our portfolio of over 2,600 journals.

One of our Submission Editorial Advisors will be in touch shortly to help you find the most relevant journal for your manuscript.'

The Joint Session 

Writing a short thing for my website on preparing a PhD proposal for British academia as a way of framing my feedback to one of my students.

Anyone have comments or thoughts to share from their experiences here?

Looking for connections who know a thing or two (or even more than two things) about doing an MA in Archiving.

If this is you, can I ask you a few questions?

If this is not you, please could you signal boost?

Canada politics; Request for predictions; :BoostOkay: 

Now that I have finished Emily Chang's Brotopia - a book which discusses how and why women feel excluded in the Silicon Valley tech industry - I wonder whether anyone can recommend a book that discusses the umderrepresentation of women in the STEM fields?

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