Uh oh, just realized that you can use search results to generate rss feeds for the open access content of any philosophy journal tracked by PhilPapers.

I haven't tooted about publications before. I am glad that this one is open access.

Maybe it's vanity to think that anybody would ever want that.

Is there an easy way to have a feed of my publications? I don't think PhilPapers (you can follow me if you have an account) or ORCID provides one, although I could be wrong.

I'm looking for writing (academic and non) about how ecologists use language like "invasion" and such that mirrors xenophobic and fascist language about people and how this can be a problem.

Boosts welcome

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hardware upgrade, linux distro 

hardware upgrade, linux distro 


I now list the topics I have taught and two courses that I was coordinator for, with syllabi and slides for one:

I think that I navigated the copyright issues successfully.

Just discovered Socarxiv, essentially a clone of arxiv for social sciences, although steering is overwhelmingly dominated by sociologists.


Looks like it still might be a good alternative to SSRN (recently acquired by Elsevier), which has become significantly less open over the past few years.

What would be good workflows for commenting work-in-progress academic texts that don't rely on Microsoft Word or Google Docs? Would love to hear suggestions.

Does anybody know a place where it's possible to (hopefully freely) listen to scholarly audiobooks?

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