Are there fully open LPCM formats, alternative to WAV and AIFF?


A friend from Warwick is organizing the 1st Midlands MAP Festival, a series of talks on issues relevant to minorities in philosophy (and academia in general, really). I think this might be of interest to many people here:

Web Hosts - Recommendations? 

I've used Weebly to host my sites but would like to move away from big entities.

Are there any web building tools you trust or recommend?


journal submission process 

Today I was asked to tick a box saying that everybody in my acknowledgements had agreed to be there. I didn't tick the box, and it let me submit anyway.

It makes me wonder whether I should ask permission. I usually thank almost everybody I have discussed the paper with. I never ask permission. I have never been asked for permission by anybody who has thanked me.

What format(s) should I be using to add to Feel free to reply with other options. :boost_requested:

bibtex citekey regex 

Does somebody have a that will find the citekeys in a file? I want `\cite{foo, bar}` to match 'foo' and 'bar'. This seems like something that would be easy to find, but I haven't found a usable solution. This is my best attempt so far, which works only when there is one key per command:


Anybody know how to set the thickness/height of a highlight annotation in poppler?

I wish to modify pdf-tools in emacs to produce thinner highlights, but can't seem to find how to set that in poppler.

Boost welcome.

#gnome #poppler #emacs #pdf

Job opportunity, UK, libraries & research data :boost_requested: 

Hey folks, we're recruiting for an Assistant Data Services Specialist at the British Library to support our research data strategy and DataCite consortium. It's a great entry-level post for anyone wanting to develop into a career in research data management from a more traditional research or libraries background.

Full time, fixed term (2 years), salary from £23,250

Details & application form: britishlibrary.recruitment.zel

Wondering about academic disciplines 

It seems that it is very common in philosophy to respect someone's work but disbelieve everything they say. And think that there are good reasons why none of their arguments work. And think that there are good arguments for a different view. I assume that that couldn't happen in many disciplines.

I *entirely* forgot to promote this here, but come check out the last three days of our online conference, Digital Studies of Digital Science (DS²)! Free to access, you just need your browser.

plain text 'track changes' 

I need to produce a version of a document where the changes compared to an earlier version are marked (as red text, specifically). Both are markdown. What is my best option?

The first thing that occurs to me is to turn them both into LaTeX and use latexdiff. Is there a better way?

Some of you know I've started a blog called FOSS Academic ( I'm exploring life as an academic who tries to use as much free and open source software as possible. You know, being a lonely humanities Linux user at a university.

I'm writing to solicit questions people might have about being a FOSS Academic. Or maybe to solicit comments on the FOSS Academic Lifestyle Dream. Not that I know all the things, but I'm curious what questions people have about this area, if any.

Looking for recommendations of software/services to live-subtitle my own talk when presenting through a platform I have no control over.

Context: I'm giving a presetation via GoToWebinar. GTW's transcription & subtitling is awful so the organisers have, quite reasonably, asked me to turn on the subtitles feature in Powerpoint. Except... I'm not using Powerpoint. :BlobCat:



I am a philosopher working on philosophy of language and metaphysics. I mostly think about questions raised by Frege, Russell, and Wittgenstein.

I haven't been in the habit of posting much, but maybe I will get back to it.

Neurodiverse vs. Neurodivergent question 

One of my survey responses mentioned that Neurodivergent was coined as an explicitly inclusive term after discussion about whether non-autistic people could call themselves neurodiverse

I hadn't heard about this but I'd love to know more! Does anyone have more information about this or a link to somewhere this discussion has happened?



Before I throw my Gallaxy A50 in the dump, does anyone know of any compatible opensource (privacy oriented) OSs?

I've looked into:
∙ Lineage OS
∙ Graphene OS
∙ /e/ OS

and they are not compatible 😭


Fediverse, what's your favourite #gemini server?

I'm kinda testing the waters with this now and I'm really liking it.

Currently I'm testing locally with jetforce as it was the easiest to install.

BTW if you have info docs tutorials on
a) how to export to HTML in order to run a WWW replica?
b) how to best set up a public server?
c) what hosting service is your fav?
d) anything else you might deem useful to a newcomer
it's most appreciated.

Boosts welcome.


I would like to define a link target in JATS, like a LaTeX \label. Do I do this with <target>?

It looks like I have to put the <target> within certain other tags, such as <title>.

Would this be OK?

<target id="foo"></target>
<p>Title text</p>

Or should <target> wrap the <p>?

Maybe somebody is an expert on JATS and can help me check that I understand what I'm doing.

Anyone got favourite resources for beginners learning to use commands and scripting?

Looking to point a student somewhere that will quickly orient them with basic filesystem navigation, input redirection and pipes, file manipulation with grep, sed, awk, etc. and some light shell scripting,

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