I looked at a call for papers today that said that I couldn't submit something that was already published or accepted. Is that standard? I don't recall seeing it made explicit before.

@twsh For a journal? I thought that was common in that case. Otherwise, it sounds weird for me too.

@twsh Unusual. If they were thinking of publishing the proceedings, it would make more sense (but it doesn't seem to be the case).

For a workshop or for sharing work in progress, I think this kind of thing is an implicit requirement. But I fail to see the point for it at a larger conference.

@twsh I think that's common for large conferences in my field (life sciences). I think the point is they want people to gain more value from going to the conference, see more recent results, and have discussions that impact future publications.

@twsh depends on the field. Phonetics is the same. Language teaching, you can reel off the same old stuff you've done junket after junket.

@twsh I think it's standard because certain publishing companies have rules about sharing results after they have been published. I know I've seen that byline before, anyway.

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