bibliography file formats 

Which format, that can be exported from Zotero, is most likely to be successfully imported by whatever software the recipient wants to use?

Can everybody work with biblatex? It seems odd to use that if neither person is using biblatex for their references and it's just an interchange.

I suspect that it might be one of those that I have never heard of.

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bibliography file formats 

@twsh i want to say RDF or OWL because those were designed as interchange formats but I haven't actually done a survey of other reference managers

bibliography file formats 

@lm Confusingly, Zotero exports 'Zotero RDF' and 'Unqualified Dublin Core RDF'; it doesn't do OWL (unless it calls it something else).

bibliography file formats 

BibTex and RIS are the two formats that can be pretty much imported back into any reference manager, so recommend those

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