bibtex citekey regex 

Does somebody have a that will find the citekeys in a file? I want `\cite{foo, bar}` to match 'foo' and 'bar'. This seems like something that would be easy to find, but I haven't found a usable solution. This is my best attempt so far, which works only when there is one key per command:


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bibtex citekey regex 

@twsh A specialist mailing list would be the best place to ask and others to find again in future. Assuming you are searching a latex file, having to search case sensitive use of cite keys suggests inconsistent use of the cite key command?

bibtex citekey regex 

@citc `\citet` and `\Citet`, for example, are different commands with different results, and I want to catch both.

Success may depend on your regex engine; in GNU/Linux had to use control escape characters for the backstroke symbol, i.e. [\]Cite but this fails with java regex engine. It could be a case of RTFM before you post to those geek mailing lists. Good luck! :)

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