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Thomas Hodgson @twsh

I've tried AutoKey (the version 90.4 that you can get with apt on Ubuntu 16.04), but it doesn't work reliably. Has anybody had any luck with something functionally equivalent?

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@twsh have you given Actiona ( a try?

I can't get AutoKey to work on Ubuntu 17.10 (I think because I'm running the Wayland window server) so I'll be testing Actiona out when I get time this week.

If you find something else that works, please lemme know, as I'm looking for a good replacement as well :+)

@twsh Just started using Actiona to see what I can do with it and while it seems like it can be a good automator, I can't get it to do insert text snippets, which it what I was hoping to use it for.

I've got a Vim snippet plugin but not a system-wide one. Any suggestions for one or is that what you were looking for out of the AutoKey replacement you're looking for?

@paanvaannd Yes, that is what I was looking for.

AutoKey misses letters sometimes, in Firefox, and that means I may as well just type the string.

@twsh I just found this but can’t test it until this weekend. I hope it’s what we’re both looking for!

@paanvaannd The description makes it sound like exactly what I want. I will have a look.

@paanvaannd I just set it up and it looks good so far. Thanks.

@twsh perhaps try xdotool, or check that you're using XTEST-based event sending in AutoKey? XTEST looks more like "real" input than normal synthetic X11 events... #fuckX11